Then and Now

Early 1980’s.

I was in class 7. One day, one of my classmate and friend called the rest of us to a corner to share a secret. And…..she told us how babies were made!

Then and Now! by Janaki Nagraj

When our friend explained to us about the birds and bees ( it was not as romantic as it sounds); we did not even know what to call the ‘thing’ between a boy’s leg, except in our vernacular language.

She said – ” when a man puts his willy into our hole….babies happen.

I went home and locked myself in the bathroom. I searched and searched for the “hole” and could not find it. I was not shocked but, perplexed. I concluded that both my friend and her brother were just trying to prove they were smart than others and nothing more.

Last year.

I had taken my kids to a movie. We had some time to kill before the movie started and we got chatty. My son, age 12 and then in class 7 said – “ Mom, give me 1000 bucks tomorrow.”

Me – “Why?”

He – “We want to book a hotel room.” Matter of factly.

Me- “For whom and why? Is it someone’s birthday? A surprise party or something?”

He – “Dev and Anushka are now boyfriend-girlfriend.”

Me – “So?” ( I was a bit surprised and shocked that he knew this.)

He – “So? Don’t act as if you don’t know. Why do lovers go to a hotel room Mom? For their honey moon!!”

The look on my face – Incredulous!

Parentous: Have any of you faced such a situation? What did you do then?

Janaki Nagraj is a homemaker and a mother of two teen aged kids. She discovered writing almost two years back and have been blogging since. She also writes poetry. She thinks that blogging has opened up a whole new world for her and with writing she discovered herself.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing at your’s and your son’s antics. This topic is such a taboo in our country that one wonders how to broach the subject.

    Joy always,

  • vasudha

    A humorous take on such a subject !

    • janu

      Thanks Vasuda.

  • janu

    He is quite open with me Susan…and so provides the fodder for my writings. It certainly difficult to explain, but, they know so much.

  • Rachna Parmar

    Really? I am dreading the day when my son comes up to me with this conversation. We are pretty open yet it hits you somehow, doesn’t it?

    • janu

      Oh! this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are times when you do not know how much to tell and where to stop.

  • Aah!! The changing times!! And times which are surely going to tougher for parents like us!

    • janu

      It sure is and this is the least of the problems 😛

  • Children are so savvy these days and take everything in their stride. I guess it is because of the exposure. I remember a friend stopped buying the Times of India newspaper because of the kind of pictures they published and switched to another paper that didn’t 🙂

    So what did you do, Janaki? 😀 How did you tackle it?

    • janu

      Vidya, frankly I did not say anything at all. For one thing I don’t know how to proceed in these matters.

  • I am waiting for my chance to come now….not sure how to handle it….your tips on this would help may be!!

    Nways, I heard from one of my friends, her son (in 5th std) was proposed by a girl in 7th std as she found him to be cute & smart. He shared this with his Mom. Not sure what she did thereafter 😉

    • janu

      Hey, Gita I am completely at loss here. I did not handle it well at all. Thankfully, he stopped right there. I don’t know how I would have handled it if he had asked me anything.
      They are over exposed these days. I do answer some of his queries regarding sex and HIV but…am in a no position to give the tips.

  • Priti

    Awesome Janaki….really want to know what did u do then…..this would be very useful to me as I have a kid and would face such situation in couple of years.

    • janu

      Priti…I did nothing….sorry there.
      Recently he saw an HIV ad and asked me about it…I just said you will get this disease if you have indiscriminatory sex with random woman without proper protection. That seemed to satisfy him. I did not want to know if he knew about sex. 😛

  • mamta

    well.. well… what do you tell a 3rd grader, explaining his father how babies are made? yes, just a week back we were in a state of shock when my husband had to listen to my son who came home with the new knowledge.

    • Imagine what my 3 year old thinks?? He thinks that a mother ‘pukes’ to get the baby out! hahaha…that is what he asked me when I told him that his Nursery Teacher is pregnant & will be soon having a baby 😉

  • janu

    All his childhood I have been telling him that the doctors cut open the stomach to bring the babies into this world. But, he was always curious about the childbirth scenes in movies. He recently saw my cat give birth to kittens and he is more knowledgeable now.

  • ROTFL!! Love that he was so matter-of-fact!! So, did you give him the money? *innocent expression*!!

    • janu

      No way, Roshini

  • Oops! It’s funny and reflects how time has changed…:)