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Letter Of Appointment

Dear Freshers,

Welcome aboard the journey called life! You are just about to enter a different time zone and a jet lag would seem natural. So learn to brace yourself against the storm, for the light house may not always shine bright…..

Letter Of Appointment

It’s funny how you plan and plan and plan, but somehow things take their own course. You may never really yearn for something and it becomes a part of your life. So much so, that you learn to depend on it. Marriage is something like that, you don’t really need it but you land up getting into it anyway. And add to that a ‘tiny something’ that makes a lot of noise, is high maintenance and does not even come with a remote control! Fairyland just became a reality show.

But then think again! There will be a zillion moments to come wherein you won’t help but smile. Simply because you have something so beautiful, somebody so perfect, that it almost seems too good to be true. It is but divine intervention that you be blessed with your own tiny miracle. The clasp of the tiny palm, the gentle squeal, the pink toes and the wide eyes; all come together to create your li’l wonder. And yes, with something like this you are bound to be in awe of it.

The care and concern would be challenged by the decisions that you would make, some right and some not so right. Yet, it will all be a part of the learning process, because none of us ever know how and somehow we do okay. It is because there is still a child in all of us who refuses to let go! And because we need to grow up and pass the baton, a child gives birth to parents.

This journey will be anything but easy. You are bound to lose your way for there is no worthwhile GPS. There will be tears, both of sadness and triumph. There will be joy, angst, pain, pride and glory. There also will be fatigue, hair loss and weight gain along with memory failure. So why go through the darn rigmarole? Well, one, because the grandparents prayed earnestly for your turn to come while they were still alive! Secondly, everyone must have the chance of creating magic at least once in their lifetime, no?

So all that I want to say is that it’s great to have you on this side of the fence and I am sure that you are going to do just fine. Of course, don’t forget the golden rule ‘Mother knows best’, so time to have the mother-in laws at either end under a binding contract.

From one parent to another, it is time to say hello to nursery rhymes and Justin Bieber and goodbye to the blues.

Yours Lovingly,


PS: The last request was at the behest of your mother who had to bear with your rock music preferences.

Vinita Bahl Crasto is a mother to a divalicious 10 year old. A freelance writer, she loves to be referred to as the Domestic Goddess. Read her at