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What is Parentous?


Before you, the reader, bring out the red marker for our choice of blog-name, allow us to explain.

In English language the suffix “ous” denotes “possessing” or “full of”. When we at BlogAdda, thought of starting with a blog that would be the meeting point of all mommy/daddy bloggers and wonderful readers, we wanted to name the blog such that it stands for our basic wish! All we wanted was a blog which is full of all those little elements, thoughts, conversations, dilemmas, agony aunt tips, funny conversations, heart-rending episodes, experienced advice that come to govern the life of a parent.

This blog is our desire to build such a destination, where when you are having a bad mommy/daddy day you can log in with that mid-night tub of ice cream and read posts that shall pep you up, or tell you how to deal with the crisis. Similarly, when there’s that particular episode which may be inconsequential to all around, but as a parent you know how special it is, come share it with us and all the like minded bloggers – trust us, you shall double your joy. We want to curate all those experiences that go into making parenthood a fascinating experience and a roller coaster ride. We want parents to share everything that summarizes their journey – the surprises they plan, the surprises they receive, the moments while growing up, those funny yet insightful conversations, the joy of the ‘firsts’, the pain of losing a child, the empty nest syndrome that surrounds a home, the letters to future kids, the blog posts which shall be preserved as the 21st birthday gift – give them all to us and we shall share them with the world.

For Parentous, we are going to have a limited number of contributors. We invite you to apply to be a contributor and shall be happy to evaluate the same, based on your experience and your keenness to contribute. If you think you are the mommy/daddy the blog world is all set to love, fill in the information below.

The application for contributors are closed now! Thank you for the overwhelming response. If you have any suggestions/comments, do write to us using this contact form.