• Jas

    You are right M. Most of the times, it is us parents who put all these phobias in our children’s mind. Children learn so fast because they are not as apprehensive as us adults so that’s the right age. very nicely written.

  • Thanks Jas.. Rightly said when we don’t know the pros and cons of things we try it out without any inhibitions and same is the case with kids … but the moment we add ifs and buts.. things get mysterious and fears pile up..

  • You were a naughty kid. I agree, we should let kids be kids. We shouldn’t over protect them and hamper their learning and growth.

  • Rightly said. A big no to ‘No’. As babies too, it is said to give alternatives than saying ‘No’. So it goes without saying that children must be given a chance to explore and understand. With their undying enthusiasm and curiosity for things, it takes little time for them to figure out what they like and want and what they do not.

    • Thanks for agreeing with my point Tejaswini.
      True, let them decide for themselves what they like and what not.

  • Thanks Saru for being here… Yeah I was a naughty one but only with running around…
    and trust me how I fell, I never knew…
    Kids should be left to do all they want.

  • Your friend is really a caring parent who doesn’t want the child to get her deprived of her childhood innocence. Very nice message to the new generation parents. 🙂

  • Thanks Gayatri!!!
    I guess most of the parents are trying to hold no bars… times have changed but there is definitely much more to do..

  • Hi Manjulika, i enjoyed reading your naughty antics in school. Children want to experience the result of what has been prohibited by the parents. They learn by experimenting.