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Daddy’s Darling Daughter

Dad or Mum! Who loves you more? Choose… It’s the trickiest one. I remember I would always play safe and answer ‘both’. Some children shy away from the answer but a few do side with one parent. I love them for this if its true and not done for an extra chocolate or to avenge the most recent whacking.

Daddy's Darling Daughter

The question is no litmus test in disguise but is simply an indication of the child’s emotional attachment and dependency towards one of the parent. That’s absolutely healthy.

There is always one among the two who hears you better and you feel comfortable to approach him/her before the other one. In fact I would say I would have loved to say Dad for the above question. Of course Mum won’t mind because she knows I love her the most but when it comes to father-daughter bonding, there hasn’t been a stronger bond than this. Dollops of feelings put together which cannot be expressed neither can they be penned down. We all know mothers carry us proudly for nine months laughing at all the pain and sufferings. Thus they are the queens but my heart also goes to the man who stands by her throughout the journey. The one who is always expected to brave it all and keep his tears at bay. He pampers the lovely lady and does every extra bit for the mother and the child.

“Why does every girl want a husband like her Father or every boy wants to fall in the footsteps of his Father…. ?

Daughter says – The reason is simple because I want another very caring and supportive friend whom I can easily trust and give away my smiles and laughters.  Life away from you PAPA, can never be complete without having your impressions around me always.

Son Says – I have seen you face it all Dad and I know what courage and strength it takes to be you. You have corrected me for all my wrongs and now is the time to set things right all the way. I want to be the same man as you who resembles love, kindness, maturity, integrity and courage.”

My Dad had nicknamed me, 3D – Daddy’s darling daughter. This is a special name and I will cherish it for always. I have had a great friend and confidant in my Dad. From my trivial to the troublesome issues he has been the wall for me. The relationship we share has never had space for inhibitions and we have never been driven by formalities. Though an only daughter, I am absolutely not the pampered one. I do not remember being thrashed or slapped but yeah there are memories when he made me do the right over my wrong again and again. The important lessons of life were imprinted  and none could have taught me better than my father.

Dad never asked me to stand first in class infact he only wanted me to know my basics accurately. He always encouraged me to participate in co-curriculars preventing me from becoming a book-worm. He gifted me my first papyrus friends, the fairy tales and children’s Ramayana that helped me build my own set of dreams and beliefs. He would guide me on my scrap-books and check my formation of sentences. It was a happy childhood to be under his philosophical umbrella and Mamma’s bear hugs.

And then came the time to be away from home and leave for hostel, both shed tears but he stood tall and smiling. His eyes showed no fears but only confidence in me and his upbringings. He let not the faith diminish that one day I would make him proud. Forever, he has taught me to have my own decisions and it was easy to tell him about my choice.  Thank You so much Daddy for accepting the other special man in my life with open arms and ever smiling face.

“Children who have great bonds with their fathers lie less and are found less indulged in vicious habits.  Also they do not fall prey to bad companies”

There are many of my friends who do not have a great bonding with their fathers. I would only ask, have you  really done your part to bridge the distance. It’s important to keep in mind the upbringing and the place where your father has been brought up. This is so because these things may have made him orthodox and he does not prefer talking much to his children. Maybe this strong hearted person who has worked and sacrificed for you all his life does not know how to express or maybe he just does not believe in saying it. Some people really find it hard to say what they feel it in their hearts. Just Go and say – I love you Dad because there isn’t a need of a Father’s day to salute the first man of your life. You can do it everyday.

When everyone’s talking about mothers, I wanted to honour my father. It makes my mother proud too. Hope the next generation realises the beauty of relationships and maintains the sanctity to the core.

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