• Whenever I read articles like these I feel ashamed of the kind of world that we’re living in (won’t say society as it is omnipresent. Also I feel happy that I personally have never faced such a situation. Our relatives (my family and my husband’s family) always wanted a healthy baby. My daughter has thankfully never faced any kind of discrimination and neither have I. I feel blessed :). Hope we’re able to change the mindset of the society we live in.

    • Well its really going to be an uphill task of changing the mindset of people. Though they have evolved through the years, their minset, thinking seems to be stuck at the times of Homo Sapiens. Sad but I really feel it is.
      And as I said, extremely lucky are those who have a broad minded and supporting family. Must cherish this life like never before. 🙂

  • It is a cruel reality of our society ( not just rural) that girls are being selectively killed before being born. We need to start a mass movement against this. We can learn a lot from Matriarchal society of parts of Kerala and some of North East states of India where since the girl inherits the property she is valued. All the points that you mention… dowry, liability, taking care in old age all boil down to money. Sad but true.
    I hope this is the last generation where we are killing our girls, as for next there may not be any left to kill due to irreversible skewing in sex ratio.

    • Completely agree with you. We need a massive social upheaval of socilety along with constant efforts to wake these people up from their deep slumber.

  • Absolutely great post…
    I too have a friend whose in-laws told her not to be even think or talk about a girl child coz they feared that it was a bad omen and could lead to the birth of a girl child…. these sumbags need to be educated rightly.
    In my last post, I have too emphasised this fact that girls need to be whole-heartedly accepted in the society and should be dealt with as a princess… they are bundles of joy and they remain a daughter forever their life.

    • First of all thank you so much for appreciating the post. 🙂
      Completely agree with you Manjulika… I feel insead of progressing as a society we are moving backwards day by day. It is really shamefull as a society that girls are being considered as a bad omen. Time to shake up people from deep slumber..

  • Roshni

    It is there in every society where there is a hint of conservativeness. Any patriarchial society will want sons to propagate the family name. Hopefully, that concept is slowly changing

    • People are conservative but excessive conservatism is leading to the killings of girl child. This cannot be called conservative by any means. I seriously doubt about the change in this concept. Need few good social campaigns to have some positive effect on various social evils.

  • Awesome post!
    Its so true that so many of our traditions reflect the “Purush Pradhan” society..:(
    Times have changed a lot since our mothers but a lot needs to be done still.
    Happy Women’s Day


    • Rightly said. Times have changed but where as a society we are heading is to ponder upon..

  • What more I can say than that We opted for a single child and that too a daughter. Our parents never questioned or objected to our decision. My daughter is receiving all the love attention that is her right.

  • Blessed is a family who has a daughter! 🙂