• I know that blind spot!!! When Zini returns from school, i am not really sure what all she does there..Everyday she tells me the same story, but i am pretty sure she doesn’t do the same things everyday…

  • chattywren

    Yes ZM, and it can be frustrating at times for us parents. Your lil one is smart:) she tells you the same story every day! I tell my kids that they must come and tell me about their day, just like I tell them what I did with mine, maybe over the years it may sink in.

  • It is never easy to let them go / grow. I wonder about this all the time. But these days I feel, the sooner I learn the better for me. Girls at least share more than boys do. I used to miss that sooooo much! Not sure how / when I got used to it, but I did :)!

    • chattywren

      Hi MWaD, sorry for replying late! Yes, you are right we ought to reconcile with the fact that they have their private lives of sorts and thoughts and try to get regular insights into them. Can’t say anything about girls vs. boys bit, but both my girls share differently and that’s all I get:)

  • Roshni

    Once they start going to school, it’s all up for us trying to figure out what they do or say the whole day! That’s truly when I felt that my son has ‘grown up’!

    • chattywren

      True, Roshni, I only want for my kids not to hide anything serious from me – trouble that they’ve got into, bullying, etc …Which is why sharing is important. Sorry, just missed seeing your comment earlier!

  • Yet another good post Vibha! I was able to relate to this more from a child’s point of view. My mom always complains that my sis and I talk sooooo much but don’t share even half of that stuff with her 🙂

    • chattywren

      Ha ha, that’s a good one, Aarthy! But I can understand. I was a quiet child and I also would share on a need-to-know basis with my parents only.

  • Uma

    Loved the post, Vibha! I can so relate to the asking about their day gets no response. Every single day, I ask R about school and what he did but all he’d say is he had fun or give a standard response. Nowadays he says it plainly that he did nothing or that he won’t tell me!

    Some things that they do or say seem so logical and adult-like but the next minute they are all illogical reaffirming the fact that they are afterall kids.

  • chattywren

    Sorry, Uma, I did not get a notification for your comment, hence seeing this pretty late. True that, children can constantly surprise you with their responses or lack of them and one is forever kept guessing. Sometimes I can get more information on their day when the two sisters are talking to each other o:O and are Ok to talk to each other about things!