Breaking The Glass Ceiling

The one fallacy that I have woken up to after becoming a mother is how indifferent the corporate culture is towards working mommies. For all the shout outs about women friendly policies, women empowerment, breaking the glass ceiling etc. the truth is far from rosy.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling - Career Or Baby - Working Mother

The ruthless corporate culture expects a woman to deliver a baby, heal, bond, feed, wean and get back to office in 3 months flat. Yes, that is the maternity leave most of the corporates extend to their female employees. In reality, how many of us can adhere to that deadline is anybody’s guess.

I know so many women and colleagues who have quit jobs following pregnancy and child birth. And no, it has not been out of choice. It has been out of a compulsion of choosing between a career and the child. And once the child turns 2 or 3, and starts school, the same mother finds herself with a lot of free time and a career that was left to fend for itself. It might not be impossible, but extremely difficult to pick up the reins and start all over again. God knows how many times I have heard mommies discussing work v/s baby in mommy forums on social media.

I know that the corporates are out there to do business and make money and can’t really be carried away with the emotional mommy stuff, but will you answer one question first? Do we, as women, really have any choice when it comes to having children, apart from the option of not birthing them altogether? Can we ask our husbands to do that job while we concentrate on our respective careers in the meantime? And since we are the bearers, and the nurturers, we are the ones who do need some sort of special policy that allows us to do something that God and Nature intended us to. I believe the corporates aren’t as tied up as we are, isn’t it?

I believe women should be rewarded and celebrated in their homes and workplaces for doing something as miraculous as having your progeny. Not be burdened with the dual responsibility of home and work. Or worse, not having the option to work at all. Not everyone has the support system in the form of (extended) family to take care of the baby while we go to work. Day care or crèches generally do not take kids younger than a year. Then how are the women expected to shine on in Shining India?

I think companies should have tie ups with good day cares and crèches where we can leave our little ones and go to work in peace. I think it would even be a great incentive for the women to go back to work for it would give them the option of a helping hand too. If that is not possible, they should definitely extend out “Work from home” option for mommies to be able to handle work and baby till the baby is at least old enough to go to a day care.

What do you think? Does your work place celebrate the mother in you? Or sideline it as just another role?

Ghata has been quite the center of attention during her school and college days due to her unique name, but now she enjoys her new found title of Mommy to her 5 month old hyper active princess. She is an Engineering Graduate and works with an MNC for a living. But what she really loves is reading books, spending time with her baby and writing about anything that catches her fancy. She blogs at My World. Also, she is the author of a future bestseller. At least in her head 🙂

  • Rashmi Sehgal

    I agree..corporate world is quite insenstive toward females. There is rarely any support during preganancy and even after child birth. Work from home is feasible options for most of us in IT/software field but organisation see this as a bad culture which they dont want to promote.
    nice article..

    • ghata singhal

      True Rashmi..the insensitivity infuriates me. I wish we can change that in future.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  • absolutely…. I had to take that break after my second one…and though I haven’t planned to get back, i don’t know how kind the companies will be!

    • ghata singhal

      Best of luck for the comeback. I hope its smoother for you than it has been for a lot of others like us.

  • Seriously..women need to be rewarded for giving life to another generation. seriously!!

    • ghata singhal

      Thanks red handed 🙂 I believe so too!

  • My mother got the time because she was in Govt service but my aunt did not..its tough!

    • ghata singhal

      I know, My MIL could continue her job because she was in a Govt. set up….but me, don’t ask. UI am having the living daylights knocked out of me searching for a relaible maid.

  • Roshni Aamom

    I’m grateful for being able to keep up with my career because of careful planning, a very supportive spouse and definitely, an understanding employer. You didn’t mention the role of the husband in a woman’s career, Ghata, but otherwise, I well know what you mean since I have many friends facing the same issue!

    • ghata singhal

      Husbands definitely play a key role Rachna. But I am trying to look at the big picture here vis a vis the employer if even having a supportive husband doesn’t help!

  • Aekta Aggarwal

    Ghata, this concept of day care’s tie-ups with companies exists abroad and I think it does even exist in some cities in India, for example in Bangalore . Sad, but true. You have to make choices. I agree with each word what you have said. That’s why, me touching 30 and still living with the option of not birthing at all 🙁

    • ghata singhal

      Yes. Tie ups is a good option. I wish more companies in India did that.
      And think before you go with the option of not birthing 🙁 all said and done, it is an experience thats worth every obstacle 🙂

  • ghata singhal

    Sachin….but yhe the HR always takes decisions based on thr outlines given to them by the business head…isn’t it?

  • ghata singhal

    You are so right Nilova. …how much choice do we really have? Not mu cheaper dear. And I just hope you dont face such troubles when the time comes for you 🙂

  • ghata singhal

    True natash. Our judgemental society. We are just never good enough, whatever we may do!

  • ghata singhal

    It disheartens me and saddens me, is to say the least!

  • ghata singhal

    That’s nice. But doesn’t work that way for everyone, that’s my point.