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5 Prominent Causes And 10 Symptoms Of Dyscalculia Disorder In Children

Does your child find simple mathematical calculations difficult to solve? Are your kid’s math grades falling? If you nodded along in concern, your child is likely to be suffering from dyscalculia disorder. Find out what exactly is dyscalculia disorder in children is. Read on to discover all about its causes and symptoms.

What Is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder specific to mathematics. It makes it difficult for the affected child to tackle simple mathematics concepts. A child affected by dyscalculia may be good in learning subjects other than maths, numeric calculations and arithmetic. Dyscalculia can also last over a lifetime. The inability to deal with basic math may make your child suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety.  However, some efforts from the parent and mathematics teaching experts can help the child cope with the issue effectively.

5 Top Causes of Dyscalculia in Children:

Even though the exact cause of dyscalculia is unknown researchers state some factors that are responsible for this disorder. These include:

  1. Genes:

Dyscalculia can be genetic or a hereditary disorder. If you struggled with simple math concepts, then there are high chances that your child too may find dealing with math problems really difficult. Dyscalculia can be passed down from valium online generation to generation.

  1. Brain Structure:

Children suffering from dyscalculia have a different brain structure from that of children who do not. Advanced brain imaging tools reveal a significant difference in the brain structure of the dyscalculia affected individuals.

  1. Alcohol Abuse:

Alcohol consumption by an expectant mother can make her baby suffer from dyscalculia as she grows. Alcohol abuse during pregnancy can be one of the prominent causes of this disorder in the baby.

  1. Low Birth Weight:

If your child’s weight at birth was lesser than average she is more likely to suffer from dyscalculia.

  1. Brain Injury:

Another possible cause for the mathematics disorder is an injury to the brain. If your child suffers from a brain injury, he is more likely to suffer from dyscalculia.

10 Common Symptoms of Dyscalculia in Children:

Symptoms of dyscalculia may vary from child to child. Some of the prominent symptoms of dyscalculia are as below:

  1. Difficulty in counting the numbers
  2. Difficulty in sequencing numbers or any information
  3. Inability to identifying symbols that signify the digits
  4. Problems in recognising shapes, patterns, colors, or sizes
  5. Difficulty in differentiating between symbols and numbers
  6. Inability to memorize numbers or events
  7. Difficulty in handling money
  8. Needs help in understanding minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
  9. Problems in reading simple charts and graphs
  10. Inability to implement simple math concepts in daily life

Does your child suffer from dyscalculia disorder? How did you find out and tackle it?  Do share your experience and knowledge about dyscalculia in children by leaving a comment below.

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