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Use Of Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Lemon is the most versatile and wonderful fruit which we have. The juice of lemon has about 5-6% of citric acid, which gives it a sour taste. It has several health benefits and is used in different cooking and baking recipes. Lemon water is a great refreshing drink, which helps us to stay calm and cool. It is one of the most popular magic potions in the fitness community. When we wake up in the morning and drink lemon water it helps to alkalize our body and promotes healthy digestion. Thus it improves overall health too.

What is lemon water and how to make it? How to make lemon water? Is it safe during pregnancy? What precautions should one take while consuming it? Read the full post to know more.

Combination of Warm water and lemon is a natural energizer. It hydrates and oxygenates the body. It will make you refreshed and revitalised. Here is a simple method to make lemon water at home.


  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (preferably use organic lemon)
  • 1 glass Luke warm (or at room temperature) water
  • Ginger slice (optional)


Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice of lemon directly in to a glass of Luke warm water. You may add 1 teaspoon honey, if you had intolerance to sour taste (but make sure your sugar level is normal). You can also add a slice of ginger for better taste.

Benefits of Lemon Water (for a normal adult)

  • Helps you stay hydrated
  • Improve digestion and cleanses your system by flushing the toxins from the body.
  • Freshens your breath and act as a natural mouth freshener.
  • Good for obese people. Lemon contains pectin fibre, which assists in fighting hunger cravings and thus helps in weight loss.
  • Helps to limit the number of caffeine drink.
  • Provide the instant energy in a natural way.
  • Good for nervous system too. It relives tension and anxiety.
  • Boost your immune system and thus prevent common infections.
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory. It removes uric acid from the joint which is the main cause of inflammation.
  • It improves your liver function and aids in metabolism too.

Is it Safe during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most delicate phase of a woman’s life. It is necessary to take extra caution about your dietary habits while you are pregnant. Although lemon water has several health benefits for a normal adult, for a pregnant woman it is better to know its positive and negative effects. If you have a high risk pregnancy or a specific condition during pregnancy it is advisable to take a proper medical advice before consuming it.

Benefits of lemon water during pregnancy

The most important thing, when we sleep we have not had water for at least 8 hours. Drinking adequate water when we get up is the best way to hydrate our body in the most natural and inexpensive manner. And it is good for a pregnant woman too, who needs to stay well hydrated for proper nourishment of unborn baby.

  • Relieves morning sickness. Morning sickness is a common problem that affects most women during the first trimester of pregnancy. Increased pregnancy hormones are main cause of morning sickness. Lemon water helps in reducing nauseating feelings and relieves morning sickness. But if you are suffering from hyperemesis gravid ram (excessive nausea and vomiting), it is advisable to take a proper medical consultation.
  • Good for digestion- Lemon water encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins from your digestive tract. It helps in relieving constipation and other digestive issues. Constipation is one of the major digestive health problem that bother pregnant women.
  • Gives the immune system a boost — it is a well-known fact that lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. The juice of half a lemon gives you 20 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement and only contains 8 calories. It boosts our immune system and plays a great role in prevention of common infections (such as cough and cold).
  • Good for bone health- lemon is also a good source of calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. Thus help in maintenance of bone health. Potassium is good for nerves and brain cells.
  • Lowers hypertension- although there is no scientific evidence but it is believed that lemon helps in removing rigidity from blood vessel and maintain the blood flow, thus it helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level in pregnant women.
  • Great for skin- the antioxidant properties of lemon water works great for skin. It keeps skin glowing and refreshed even during pregnancy.
  • Unique source of nutrition- apart from vitamin C lemon is also a rich source of B- complex, niacin, flavonoids, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B-6. Consuming lemon water during pregnancy provides these nutritional benefits to unborn baby. Also it is the easiest way to get the vital nutrients.

Negative effects

  • It may cause heart burn in certain individuals. Especially in those who have a history of hyper acidity and heart burn.
  • It may affect dental enamel if proper precaution in not taken.

Tips or caution while consuming it

  • Drink lemon water in the morning; wait for 30 minute before taking any caffeinated drink or breakfast. Early morning consumption is best to get maximum benefit.
  • Does not use bottled lemon juice. It contains certain preservative (like sulphite). It may cause allergic reaction in susceptible individuals and had less nutritional value.
  • Use a drinking straw to consume it. It may affect your teeth enamel. After drinking rinse with some plain filtered water to make sure that acid from the lemon does not destroy the enamel of teeth.
  • Never drink ice cold lemon water. It may cause cold and respiratory infections in certain individuals. Always use lukewarm water to make the lemon juice.


Lemon water can be easily consumed by pregnant women and they can get nutritional benefits, but if you have any risk factors as mentioned above it is preferable to take medical advice before consuming it. So moms have you experienced great benefits of lemon water? Do share with us below in the comment box.

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