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HypnoBirthing – A Blessing for Pregnant Women


“Hypnosis” as known to all, has been a controversial treatment and often gives goosebumps when suggested. But a lesser known fact is that hypnosis for pregnant women has worked wonders, if practised correctly. Practising hypnosis during pregnancy is termed as “Hypnobirthing”. Framed in simple words, it is a relaxation technique which helps pregnant women have a painless delivery.

What is HypnoBirthing?

When a woman is pregnant, everyone around her offers advice, gives instructions and some of them even scare her about the painful delivery phase. Most of her life, she is made to believe that pregnancy and delivery is very painful. But most of the advice given by people would be based on things they have heard and not experienced. So it’s important for every pregnant woman to get the instructions verified by a certified expert. Also, it’s well-known to all of us that getting scared and stressed during pregnancy is the biggest enemy for women. Relaxation, being peaceful & stress-free and a having positive mindset is of utmost importance. Hypnobirthing helps you exactly with this. It is a technique which if practised correctly and regularly, trains the pregnant woman to experience normal delivery without the pain.

How does HypnoBirthing benefit?

A pregnant woman could easily get stressed out, angry, irritated or emotional. It’s often difficult for her to control her emotions even if she wishes to. But these emotions if over-experienced, could affect the baby and result in unwanted situations. Hence it’s absolutely necessary to keep yourself and your little one calm and peaceful. Practising hypnobirthing regularly could keep your mind fresh and calm. In this technique, a woman learns to hypnotise herself with deep breathing and thinking of the positive things. She lets confidence, peace and positivity inside her and removes stress, anger and uneasiness sheltered within her.

You must be wondering if confidence, peace and positivity can really help in birthing. Well, there’s a direct connection. Lack of these positive emotions result in tightening of muscles which in turn interferes with the birth. So, being stress-free helps in releasing stress hormones leading to comfortable birth, lesser chances of Caesarean section, chances of lesser time taken to experience labour and lesser use of pain relief medications. And the most important benefit: as your have been practicing HypnoBirthing throughout most of your pregnancy, your baby will be more peaceful and composed in nature.

Use the right terms!

It is human tendency to associate words with emotions. So a term like ‘Cervix Dilation’ could create panic. HypnoBirthing teaches you to replace it with a milder version like ‘blossoming’, replacing the phrase “Time for Delivery” with “Time to meet your baby” and many more such replacements. The whole motive of HypnoBirthing is to maintain a positive environment and a peaceful mind.

Where can you find it?

HypnoBirthing has not really become popular in India and you might find very few places where you can actually find experts teaching this technique. But you can always opt for videos and practise it regularly during your pregnancy days after consulting your doctor for healthy birthing and peaceful baby.

Mrs. Archana Jathan Karkera, a new mother curious about the parenting universe holds a Masters degree in Information Technology. Her thought of “Explore yourself before you die” inspires her to dive into various hobbies – Blogging being one of them. Her scribbling partner lets her express, learn and initiate.