• Nidhi

    Nice. The mamma antenna is indeed quite useful!

    • Yea mamma’s antenna needs to be always ON!!

  • Rachna Parmar

    The mamma antenna is always on and in hyper activity mode :).

    • True. Mamma needs to be always on her toes for a better upbringing of her child.

  • Dhara

    nice.. Keep it up.. Felt so realistic for mine n my moms relatin.. If i apply 10 different shades of nailpolish still my mom would recognise d one i must have purchased.. Strong anteena 🙂

    • Thanks Dhara! Haha so true… There is and has to be a special bond between a parent and a child. And yea antenna has to be up and strong 24*7.

  • Well said! The mamma antenna has to be up and active all the time, after all mothers are so very high on protective instincts! 🙂

    • Thanks Shilpa! Yes, mothers are always high on protective instincts. A slight problem and mamma is at the work. This can probably define mother and motherhood. 🙂

  • Sounds like me in my growing years!! 😀

    • Cool! Most of us are like our children during our days. It’s just that they have become much smarter and hence the need of the antenna! 🙂