Kiddo gets hurt!

I wake up from my deep slumber and find myself smiling… Ah, it’s a Sunday!! I turn to see kiddo in her bed, blissfully sleeping, sucking her thumb and curled up over her blankies (One old, one new, one functional) and her Mic (Mickey mouse).

I came out to see that Mr. Hubby has indeed gone on his Sunday morning jaunt. The house is quiet. Ah ha, not for long, Ms. Noisy wakes up. She goes through all the morning routine of brush-brush, milk etc and gets busy with her toys and stuff. Going great so far!!

Kiddo gets hurt by Divya Rao

She soon gets tired of all her toys and wants to jump into the bathtub to splash around in water. I start the elaborate procedure of heating water; filling up the tub, make bubbles etc… Ok ready for kiddo to get in. I give her the usual instructions – No getting out of the tub, no running around bathroom on wet and slippery floor, no splashing water outside the tub, call me if you need anything.

I come out and settle down with a hot cup of coffee. I am taking a slow sip of hot coffee …

and …


The noise startles me and makes me gulp down some hot coffee which mercilessly burns my tongue!!

My thought process kicks in. This is coming from bathroom… kiddo is in bathroom, hopes she is all right, there is nothing breakable in bathroom, wait or is  she there? Did the mirror in the bathroom break? Did she climb somewhere, the monkey she is, and fall down?

I am sprinting towards the bathroom…

What broke????

I peep into bathtub to see a few broken pieces of a vase… Ah Right!! The vase…

Kiddo looks taken aback. I take her out from the bathtub and put her in the bath area. I pull the glass door to ensure that she can’t come out. I am picking up broken pieces from the bathtub and I hear her sobbing. She is trembling, closing her thighs tightly one over the other and holding the walls. I am frightened thinking something might have hurt her down there as she was sitting in the bath tub.

I try to calm her down and check where she’s got injured; I see some blood stains on the bathroom floor. Kiddo freaks out at the sight of blood. Now, even I am worried. On inspection I see that she has got a teeny-weeny, utterly minor scratch on one of her ankles. And she is covering it with her other leg.

I explain to her why cuts and wounds bleed and that it is totally normal. She stops shaking but is still mighty upset and hung over. I give her a bath, but she keeps her “injured” leg closed the other leg. She doesn’t move from her place. I ask her to come out of the bath-room. She hops all the way out on one leg as I struggle hard to hold my laughter back. I pat her dry, put on her dress and give her, her blanket (that’s her comforter). I put a band-aid on the scratch and asked her to relax for a while.

I head back to bathroom to clean up the broken pieces of vase. Once done, I come out to check on Kiddo. She is already asleep!! She is still covering her “injured” leg this time with her blanky 🙂 It’s just 11 am in the morning; she woke up at 10!  On weekends, she usually doesn’t take a nap at all or naps at 3 pm!! Today, she has an excuse, she is mighty hurt 🙂

Divya Rao is a mother to a 3.5yr old bundle of joy. She has one eye set on growing her career and the other watching and enjoying her little one grow up.

  • That was a real sweet little story! However, it took me 3 years back with a tragic experience I had with my 1 year old, when he dropped a cup of hot tea on his chest and was in hospital for 8 long days…..few memories are so painful!!

    Enjoyed reading your post!

    • Divya

      Thanks Gita.
      Your son getting scalded must have been tough for your family. 🙁 It’s very hard to avoid such accidents.

  • What a sweet post, Divya! They love being cuddled for the most minor hurts! I remember once my son insisted on wearing a bandage over a hardly visible scratch. We all treated it like glass for a couple of hours, and then when I pointed out he couldn’t do all the things he wanted with a bandage on – he quickly chucked it off.

    I hope her “hurt” is better! 🙂

    • Divya

      That’s a nice strategy Vidya!
      Like everything else, I am sure even this is a phase.

  • Ha ha! The pleasure of enjoying your kid’s first big injury. The description has done justice to the magnitude of your kiddo’s plight!

    • Divya

      Thanks happi.

  • Nidhi

    Oh ..poor baby..the crashing sound may have scared her more than the hurt :/ Hope her little nap helped!

    • Divya

      Yeah Nidhi, the wound had heeled even before she woke up 😛

  • Lokesh

    Nicely done on debut… have along stay….Looking forward for many of these….

    • Divya

      Thanks for the best wishes Lokesh!

  • rachana sharma

    After being a mother we live two lives together; one breathes for us and the ‘other heart’ pumps for kids. The joys are doubled up and so are sorrows…… Hope the hurt has healed for both of you 🙂 ….. quite decent debut, keep it up !!

    • Divya

      “We live 2 lives” – Well said!!
      Thanks Rachana 🙂 ..

  • Priti

    Hey Divya…It was lovely reading your blog. Your narration is superb and I could actually visualize it what all must have happened. Hoping that the cutie pie has recovered by now 🙂

    • Divya

      Hey thanks priti..

  • Such a cute story! Love that she hopped on her good leg so that her injured leg does not touch the ground!! 😀

    • Divya

      Oh Roshni, you Should have seen how hung over she was.. It was damn cute 🙂

  • Leena

    Hey Divya,

    That was a very cute and a simple blog about how very small things matter a lot to kids…. very lovely 🙂

    • Divya

      Small things matter a lot to Kids, doesn’t it Leena?
      Small for us, but a HUGE deal for kids!!