As Days Pass By…

Did you ever feel like holding back the ticking hands of your clock?

Recently me & my husband celebrated 4 years of Parenthood with my kid’s 4th Birthday and it was since then, that this bug caught upon me!

As Days Pass By... Gita Gosavi

Parenthood – A day that makes us change in & out. It gets us out of the Bachelorhood of our married life giving a sense of responsibilities and duties. It is a day which gives a feeling of ‘belongingness’ – belonging a pie of your heart in your own hands, belonging a ‘live’ cotton ball in your arms, belonging a symbol of your love!!

We off course give birth to a baby with a view to bring them up. But as the days pass by, it is not a very good feeling for a Mother like me to see all those heart throbbing memories passing by & becoming a past. There is something we still want to re-experience, something we still want to hold close to the heart, something with which we are not content irrespective of how much we have dealt with. It gets tougher to see a bud blooming into a flower. It gets difficult to move forward.

Starting with sleepless nights and wet nappies all over, we slowly begin to use all our skills in shaping up a shapeless life! It becomes our world. Nothing else seems to be important than those newly opened eyes. The cries becomes a melody and we have someone on whom we cannot break down whatever be the matter. Kissing those soft cheeks, holding those tiny hands, brushing those soft hair locks becomes a part of life. When it comes to food, a lots of research is made….we are smart Moms, of course!!

Life changes and so do the priorities….but these changes are welcomed by one & all. The bud starts blooming into a flower, spreading its freshness & fragrances all over and attracting many bees and butterflies. It slowly becomes the center of all attentions! Work-Life balancing and smart parenting becomes a challenge! But who is now afraid of challenges when they are self-conceived!! Passing through all the stages of childhood, upgrading from nappies to denims and tricycle to bicycle, what we have is one feather in our crown- from infant & toddler, we have a Child!!

He now tries wearing his own Tee, he feeds himself, he demands!! He hides his face when I go to kiss him, he gives a strange look when I try to pat him while he naps and when I speak a broken language, he no more likes to be physically closer and runs helter-skelter when I try to squeeze him in my arms. He is growing up!! But what about the changes we have made in us? We are used to making love, getting kisses & hugs, making our clothes & hands dirty while we feed, playing for hours in the bath tub….we are spoiled by all means!!

Its a proud feeling to see him studying, playing, making choices & growing up, however, my heart aches with a feeling of not having the same soft sobbing cotton ball in my arms any more!! Just wanted to tell him…. grow up dear… but do not deprive me of the kisses & hugs which makes my each day colorful & cheerful!!

Gita Gosavi is a Networking Engineer in R&D Organization. Cooking & communicating being her hard core hobbies, she has been able to get hold of the former since the birth of her son and this article would possibly be her first step towards the latter one!!Β 

  • Sayali

    Not a mother, but your words help me feel!! i look forward for more of you in words.
    All the best.

    • Gita

      Thanks Sayali!! These wishes will keep me going for sure!! πŸ™‚

  • darshana

    To be very honest my eyes went hazzy while reading this, not coz i was sleepy but coz they were filled with water. I am not a mother but being aunty of two beautiful kids have experienced a lot of events mentioned. I too miss those lovely days spent with the kiddos. One confession, you have braided my feelings and may be of many others so beautifully that i almost felt like some one reading out my heart in front of me. Recent feelings…..

    • Gita

      …Oh dearie..I know…its so so good to see kids growing up and with cuties like you around, who adore them just like us…what else can we expect?? Glad we were sharing the same kinda feelings with time!! πŸ™‚

  • Priti Chaporkar

    Motherhood is a bliss and being a mother is the biggest gift a woman has got from God. This is a beautiful article and I can truly understand how it feels when our kids start growing, its very aptly put here by you Gita…

    The only way to feel it once again it to have more kids.
    what say???

    • Gita

      ..hahaha….your last sentence made me break into laughter!! winking…
      Was surely a thought few years before, but as you know, lots n lots of dependency is involved in this…once I have gone through it….I now mean it…
      Anyways, thanks for those lovely words! πŸ™‚

  • Tanushri

    Gita… I have always admired your writing… The way you expressed everything created a picture in front of my eyes and I could see everything that you wrote… Being a ‘mausi’ to my 3 yr old niece i can truly feel what changes you were talking about… πŸ™‚ And otherwise too I would have felt the same..

    Love It…!!

    • Gita

      Thanks for aligning with my thoughts Tanushri! In our Indian families, with some or the other kiddo around, I know each one of us has got this feeling at his/her heart! πŸ™‚

  • Such a sweet post, Gita, felt a tug at heartstrings!
    Felt like I was reading about my son!! πŸ™‚

    • So glad to know it touched your valuable heart compartment for your son!! πŸ™‚ Thanks Shilpa!

  • latika

    thanks for recreating the moments before my eyes. m having 3 yr old daughter, and now m enjoying being a mother. she is just 3 n she acts like me, like she is my mom πŸ™‚ i too miss my soft cotton boll, but enjoy every new activity of her,every day.