Privy Purse For Princess

My parents never believed in the concept of pocket money. So while my class fellows will try the newly introduced chow mein in school canteen I munched on the parathas given by mom. I turned out to be ok and fortunately none of my class fellows had a hormone imbalance. Unknown to my mother, I secretly bartered the parathas for the chow mein and samosas with my class fellows.

Privy Purse For Princess

The scam was exposed by my cousin (a few class junior to me) to the horror of granny and mom. I was unable to explain this disgraceful antinational preference for cheap Chinese import when indigenously produced “desi ghee parathas”  were being packed in Tiffin every day.

Long story short it took me some time to understand why our 10 year old needs pocket money when she suddenly demanded the same.  Honey I told her, you don’t go anywhere without us, your mom packs breakfast for you and lunch in school is already prepaid for the year by daddy dear. So, why do you need pocket money? Well she gave the perennial answer because all my friends get it, which I have never been able to relate to. We postponed the problem by offering to reconsider the same in case she comes in top 5 kids in class in term exams.

Well, it seems we have set the bar too low and soon she was proudly waving her report card in front of us. This time she came ready with more facts and figures than just on her report card. We got data for 5 of her best friends from school and the apartment complex and the money they are receiving every month. You can stand to the offensive of your 10 year old rebel, but you cannot stand to the charm of your 10 year old, especially when she is ready with data.

Truce was reached and a Privy Purse of 500 Rs (INR) was agreed upon, but not before some conditions were attached.

  1. Money will be paid in installments 200 on first, then 100 each of the next 3 weeks Friday evening.
  2. She needs to save minimum INR 50 every month that will be deposited in her account, for every 50 rupees she saves I will add another 50 to her account.
  3. But the biggest part of the bargain was that she will not throw any tantrums in the market to buy stuff that was not on the list when we left home.

The 3rd point has given us a lot of peaceful shopping experiences in the supermarket with she calculating in a corner how poor she will be if she buys another set crayons or it would be ok to continue to use the current one.

Well the truce has been broken many at times by both the parties and her grandparents have actually thrown in spoilers at time by giving her money whenever they meet her. But the big surprise came from the younger one, on learning that elder one is richer by 500 Rs every month she also wanted some action. I quizzed her what she wants  and pat came the reply I want 10 coins as they make good sound,  I promise I will not swallow them.

Well let us see how long this cuteness continues and the younger one wants to caress to grow up to paper money from her fascination of jingle of coins. 🙂

Sasha and Prasad Np are proud parents of 2 girls whom they fondly call Princess (11 yrs in Feb 13) and Pinkette (4 yrs next month). He wears many hats after taking a break from being corner office critter for a long time. He is now entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, traveler and an investor in startups with unique concepts. He blogs at Desi Traveler, and can be reached at Facebook and Twitter.

  • hahaha!!! awesome post. And great to see a Dad here!
    “fortunately none of my class fellows had a hormone imbalance” – Epic!!

    • Thanks Meena… it does feel good to be the first dad on Parentous…

  • Good to see a post from a Dad’s perspective here! 🙂
    We had given the same arguments when our son asked for his pocket money! But for us it didn’t reach the level of a monthly allowance, (till he was a day scholar… he is in a boarding school now) as he preferred to take Rs 20-30/-, two-three times in a month to buy whatever he fancied from the school canteen or the stationary shop close by.
    Liked the conditions… will keep them in mind, in case we need to apply them sometimes later!! 🙂

    • Hi Shilpa… we did opt for weekly break up to teach a bit of maths also. She was amazed on learning the power of compounding and the fact that she is getting 100% interest vs 3.5 what dad gets from bank…

  • It is a great idea to give pocket money to the young one”s, else they might indulge in stealing money at times, purely because of the peer pressure of the fellow students seeing them spend money. Also, it gives them a lot of confidence which helps them become better individuals in their later life. Ofcourse, this needs proper Parental guidance at every step of their life………….

    • Hi Rahul… I never thought about the stealing part… fortunately our kids have never indulged in same. I agree with the confidence part, we feel so proud when she goes to the counter and orders ice-cream for herself and at times for her sibling too.. 🙂

  • I just loved reading your post 🙂 It reminds me of my days of reasoning with my girls on pocket money and stuff…
    Its such a joy to call your daughter Princess…somehow it suits the daughter tag so much 🙂
    The proud father shines through in many places 🙂

    • Hi Uma…. I think the beauty of Parentous is it is bringing the common threads of parenthood on a common platform….
      You are absolutely right we both are proud of our daughters….

      Thanks a lot…. 🙂

  • Pocket money.. It brings back memories so lovely…
    Dad had out-rightly refused it at first mention but later he had agreed to share some which came along with lessons how to manage it well..
    Nice conditions and these things do help children to realize and value money, however a strict vigilance is needed to ensure healthy transactions.

    • Hi Manulika… agree pocket money is not a licence to splurge… some guidance and veto from parents is still needed…….thanks.

  • Vandana Sharad

    Hilarious! I’m still laughing … ”…they make good sound, I promise I will not swallow them.” Have I heard something very close? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank God for sending people in our lives who have kids older than ours! 🙂

    I too promise that every word written above will make good sound advice for me and I promise I will not swallow them and forget about them!

    Btw, Prasad … you make ‘writing’ sound so seamless and easy … I think need to work on my mind, which is the impediment! 🙂

    • Hi Vananda…. Good to hear from you here, one of my colleagues son had swallowed a 5 Rs coin, and had to go to ER. Since then I have been paranoid about coins near kids, I guess the younger one got too much dose of same…


  • poonamgill

    after reading this wonderful cannot ignore the childhood memories…which seems so real.
    it is not only humorous, but on the other part…it depicts the clear picture of the writer being so deeply putting his thoughts, which even makes the adolesence even to value the money…
    god bless u
    keep it up.
    well done

  • Hi Poonam Gill.. You are right whenever write or read about kids it takes me down the memory lane about my own childhood. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Sumana

    well, i have a story too wid my niece as the protagonist… so on her 10th birthday she was finally given the ‘pocket money’ so well promised and the parents weren’t very smart or may be she was smarter…so after a week when she was quizzed to where and how did she spend her money….she replied…

    Hisaab hi dena hai to i am good asking you all the time!!!!!

    the parents haven’t yet recovered fromt he shock 🙂 !

    • Hi Sumana…I too do not have an argument against the same… but you know any budget needs to be still accounted for and spent in the norms agreed upon.
      But one street smart niece you have got 🙂 🙂

  • gee that’s very sweet ! my 9 year old is still to get into the pocket money concept though every 8-10 days she badgers me for Rs 5/- for little knick-knacks. I loved the fact that you are not only a doting and an obliging dad but also a responsible one. May your tribe grow 🙂 nice post

    • Thanks Priya….the best part I like she does her own maths to calculate how much will be left after the purchase…. :). A lot of learning for her.

  • Great post from a doting and responsible dad of two sweet and smart girls 🙂
    I feel pocket money to kids can give extremely opposite results. If it is with conditions attached as you did, would surely make the child more confident. They would start to think before spending and understand the value of things. But if given without proper terms, they can turn into spoiled brats.
    It all depends on parents how they give the freedom with the responsibilty.

    • Hi Seena…. money is power…. and ” With great power comes great responsibility…” ( uncle of spidy) 🙂 you are 100% right.


  • D.C.Saxena

    Nagender, I have gone through your web page, you have written interesting experience.


  • rama

    Nice to see a father’s point of view. I think in a way you have inculcated the good habit of saving, now they know that money is not there for them to waste it on useless things, You have given them a good foundation to be responsible adults in the future.
    Of course many people like us did not get any pocket money, and why should we, for we got all that we ever needed from our parents. I never missed not having pocket money, and I have grown up to really know the value of money.

    • Hi Rama…You are right a lot of us never got any pocket money…but with as they say “times they are a changing”…

  • wow.. thats a nice idea, nice 3 conditions too.. so let me remember this when my daughter asks me for pocket money..

    • Hi Ashreya….The conditions help to ensure the message goes across and there is some accountability.. Wishing tons of laughter for your daughter.

  • Ram

    It is hilarious yet a fine narration of discipline that needs to be inculcated while being generous to the little genuine demands of the kids

    • Hi Ram…thanks for your comment and liking the same. I see no reason why parenting should be all serious without any fun 🙂


  • chattywren

    Loved the post! Nice way of teaching kids about money and prioritizing what you want. Lol on the sound of 10 coins, and I will not eat them, very cute:)

    • Thanks Chatty Wren… its fun watch them grow… 🙂

  • Badri

    Nice read Prasad a way you taught me to handle my daughter in future.. thanks

  • Giving her pocket money is the good thing; she’s already saving, calculating and valuing things! So cute about your 4 year old!!!

  • That was so cute. And I am proud of your older one. How she managed to be in the top 5. Also, I liked your adding money to she saving money. We saw few friends here and started the points system, somehow it never worked. My son is not oriented at all and we too take it easy. Every week, I think we should strictly follow it, but in vain :(. I have read only moms’ posts so far. This coming from a dad, is special 🙂

    • Hi Latha… thanks a lot for your inputs. I do feel happy to be first dad on Parentous. I feel money management is something that should be part of the learning for all kids.
      thanks. 🙂

  • Good post Prasad and now I know how I will handle my son when he is a ten-year-old.

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