• Rahul

    A girl child is special and deserves even more love and affection.In Jews the child is declared a Jew only if his mother is a Jew:)That is what women deserve!!

    • Thanx for telling us about Jews. I was not aware of it.
      The love, respect and concern for the girl child has to come from within.

  • Abhishek Dwivedi

    Well written. Feel is more important.

  • Everyone needs to agree!!!

  • A child is a child. Girl or boy. Both are special in their own way. That mankind has come to abusing the helplessness and the love that children can bring is pointer to how low we have stooped to.

    There is increasing awareness. Of both how vulnerable children are and how we must stand guard.

    Thank you for sharing..

    • Thanx Kavi,

      Very true Girl or a boy…

      A child should be treated as a child…

  • Richa

    “Married or not married, why is it that only women have to go an extra mile to fulfill everyone’s expectation”………………….very true.

    U remember we always used to talk about our difficulties as a girl.

    But Still I want to be a mother of a girl child because they are so special.

  • Wow…

    So good to hear that you want to be a mother of a girl child….

  • GauravPrakashKanaujia

    Increasing incidents of Child abuse in our society in recent time have made every parent concerned; every parent is in condition of panic due to current mishaps with children, this is also creating distrust in human beings .Girls are not safe in any place now days & it is really a cause of worry for us as we cannot safeguard our children 24 hrs. .But I am determined to protect to my sweet heart at any cost in this hostile world

    • I know how fearful it is for parents these days…
      In fact growing a child and keeping him/her safe is the toughest challenge…

  • Very well written…. Child sex abuse is the heinous most crime on earth. Women folk receive this secondary grade behavior till date everywhere. Every form in India ask us to put Father’s Name / Husband’s name however for male, it is not vice-versa 🙁

  • Thanx Mam…
    We, the aware and educated one’s have to come forward to change the self-declared society norms…
    I use my dad’s name even after my marriage and I am glad my husband hardly bothers about it.

  • You make a good point when you say a bond of trust needs to be developed with kids so that they can open and say what they feel and not sob in a corner. Also one needs to be very careful as we have reached a point in society when none can be trusted blindly.

  • This one is actually very essential because lately we hear most of the instances of closest members of the family taking advantage of the vulnerability of the children and parents.