• A sad truth about the times we are living…one needs to be vigilant all the times as most of the crimes against kids are done by known people.

  • You spoke my mind Debolina. I feel sad seeing the world around us, my husband used to tell me a couple of months back “you’re over reacting, she’s just 2 year old.” Now he’s stopped saying it. People have become inhuman. You really don’t know whom to trust.

    • Falak..yes, even our friends used to tell us that we are ‘over-protective’ parents, and sometimes my hubby would tell me that too….now he has stopped, in fact he says no matter what anyone says, we will continue being vigilant and ‘over-protective’. There’s no better precaution than this in these times….take care!

  • Sweety

    Yes, it has become so scary these days. It is a dreadful thought that our children are not safe anywhere be it school, road, neighborhood. With each passing day, humanity ceases to exist. There is a constant fear lurking in the mind 🙁

  • Sweety…the world has turned into a monster-mania….each step requires us to be careful….as long as we are vigilant 24*7, I’m sure we can somehow keep these lurking monsters at bay….

  • Similar kind of discussion I was having with my sister that day, our time was different or or jzz that we are being overprotective? I played in our neighborhood park on my own since 4th year of my life, played at neighbor’s place for long hours in summers …I can never let my daughter do these things without my vigilance.
    I don’t feel comfortable when people other than few family members try to cuddle my toddler even if I know them from years. I think that constantly being aware & alert we can at least avert ugly happenings with our kids.