• Things are slow, but they are steadily changing. I believe the current generation will change the equation once they grow up.

    thanks for acknowledging the dads here… 🙂

    • You are welcome Prasad. I repeat – kudos to you Dads.

  • Loved your post Divya! We have so many mothers as contributors here, which does not seem unusual; but with dads, it certainly makes them stand out because it is still not common to find dads on equal footing with moms. But things are changing and so much has changed vis-a-vis last generation.

    • That’s true Reema, we are soooo much better than our parent’s generation.

  • Amrita Thavrani

    Good that you bring this topic. I earnestly wish for an equal world, and unfortunately that pushes me to being feminist. Anyways, while we are on this.. let me share this link : http://www.stevewiens.com/2013/03/12/to-parents-of-small-children-let-me-be-the-one-who-says-it-out-loud/ .
    I loved how Steve talks for raising HIS kids.

    • Amrita, I believe that there is nothing wrong in asking for equal world and so being called feminist. There is such a misconception about feminism that it has become synonymous to a villain or a man-hater!! For such I say, go find out more.
      Nice link .. This Steve guy is a great father. We need more of such role models.

  • Thank you. To make it to the Top 3 is always special. I rarely did. And in this case, I realise I make it to the ‘only three’ via your post.

    On a more a serious note, I guess things are changing. Men and women are beginning to realise the depth of the adage ‘it needs a village to raise a kid’! We are getting there! We can only get better!

    • Being “only three” is more impressive compared to “top three” isn’t it? You must be proud of yourself and so will be your darling daughter!! Not every Dad is “really there” for their kids. And yes Kavi, we can only get better.