• Wow you said it. I don’t know what is with some parents now a days, they want their kids to do everything. Vacation or no vacation 🙂

    • Falak…abso-oh-lutely! I mean, parents are going bonkers, making kids juggle from one activity class to another.

  • You got that right Debolina! I didn’t send my daughter who is also five, to any summer camp or classes. Instead, I sent her with her grandma and my sister-in-law’s family for a six day holiday to Ooty. She had a blast there 🙂
    But wow, 8 hours, really? my daughter clocks in only three hours at school…

  • Gauri..wow, you’re one brave momma..I still need to let her go without me being around :-O I’m sure she must have loved the experience!!! 🙂
    Ya…can u imagine, 8 hours of school at 5 years! I hate it and hate sending her off each day for so long, especially when she complains she has to go away for so long…but what to do 🙁

  • Sweety

    Yo, Yo let kids be kids. Even we want to chill and not follow routines on weekends. Let the little ones remain little and not fall into worldly pressures abhi se 🙂

    • Sweety..absolutely agree dear…let the little ones remain little and precious and in the fairy world as long as they can 🙂