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How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Child

The parent-child relationship is one of the most beautiful relations in the world. But like all the relationships it needs patience, time and practice to make it trustworthy and beautiful. As they say, you reap as you sow and trust and love for your children will result into them trusting and returning the love to you. Here are some essential tips to help you build a good relationship with your child.

Do not ignore their words

You may be busy or tired but do not ignore if your kid comes to you to speak something. They have just begun their life, the problem that we adults shoo without even batting an eyelid can be major ones to them. Listen to them, and discuss their issue.. A little time from your schedule today can go a long way in helping them in the long run. If you want your kid to be attentive, is not it your duty to be the same to them?

Trust them and they will return the favour

Allow your child to commit mistakes and learn from them.. Encourage him to try and learn from various situations. Let them deal with small issues in life. It will give them confidence to fight their own battles. Trust cannot be earned easily. Only you can do it with patience.

Don’t rescue them just because you love them

There may be a situation when your kid is struggling with something. It may be mere homework or a teen issue. Do not jump in and rescue them at once. If they do not fail, how will they learn the tough lessons? Be there with them, show them the path but do not interfere.

Respect them and they will respect you

They may only be kids but every human being has self-respect and everyone needs space. Respect their privacy. Life is a learning experience and you are the best teacher. Teach them by example. Let them learn from you that every individual has their own self-respect and personal place. And it is wrong to invade it. Instill from an early stage that a NO always means NO, not a yes.

Rules are meant to be broken

Yes, rules are necessary but they must not be so rigid that they end a relationship. The rules which were applicable to you as child may not be applicable to your child. They are born in a different era and the social values that we may hold dear may not bear any meaning to them. Mould the rules in such a way that they help your child grow. Do not let them constrain your child.

Life is a good teacher. It never ceases to teach whether you are a kid or an adult. It gives you ample opportunities to improve and move ahead. Let it guide you through the rough phases of parenting. Do not let harshness dominate your relationship. Let the parent-kid relationship be full of love, mutual understanding and trust.

Puspanjalee is a blogger and book editor who juggles continuously between her job and her two year old human offspring. Whenever she gets time, she loves to talk about babies & parenting, time management for working moms, photography and books. She muses regularly on