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The Silly First Birthday Treats

A significant milestone in your baby’s life, you tend to celebrate his first birthday with much enthusiasm. When you think about the day when your child stepped into this world, you simply want to express the pool of emotions that you relished by sharing them through his first birthday celebration. However, do you think it is really necessary to have a birthday bash on this special occasion? Isn’t the so called “first birthday” gala much hyped? Well, it depends upon the parents to choose the way they want to express their happiness about their child’s milestone.

Each baby has his first birthday only once throughout his life. Hence, parents extensively try making it a happening party for everybody to remember. “The more magnificent the party is, the more you love your child” is primary rule that every parent follows; and “People will remember for ages how we threw an ostentatious party for our kid”, is the second rule.

Though the rules sound weird, one will never understand the silly logic each parent has for his kid until they are a parent. A big birthday bash at the first year mark basically reflects the journey the young one has had in his new world. Also, stepping into a new year is an equally interesting milestone for the parents. Thus, they make it a point that their enjoyment is re-lived by all in various ways.

As the tiny tot does not have any friends yet, the parents invite their friends with their little kids. Also, one reason for having a big first birthday celebration is possibly because the first year of parenthood isn’t an easy one and hence, after successful completion of one year, parents tend to throw a party.

Yes, this may sound a little comical but you would hear many parents saying that they had a tough time in bringing up the child and they need a celebration to let their hair down. Moreover, the first birthday party may be a big event of celebration after a long time as they were completely occupied either with the watermelon in the belly or guiding the baby through his first few days of life.

But do you think will your child be able to share the same level of interest? You try making the day special for your kid by treating him with a big birthday bash, but it is an absolute fact that he is not going to enjoy at all! With so many people lingering around him, he is obviously going to miss his nap!

You try making it a grand party by bringing in musicians, artists, a large cake, covering the house or hall with decorations, a stunningly lavish outfit for the kid and much more; but what about the chaos that the crowd brings with them? Is he even able to understand a single thing that is going around him? Plus, after he starts talking, he wouldn’t even remember what efforts you had taken to make his big birthday special. Wouldn’t it be demoralizing to you?

Instead, you can simply have a small cute dinner with family members. Rather, you can donate to charity to help the poor or orphans. Otherwise, if you really wish to do something amazing for your loving and adoring kid, start investing for his or her future. Nothing can be grander as that. He or she may complain after growing up that his birthday was not celebrated as lavishly as his friend’s was. However, when the little one grows up and you gift him the investment as his first birthday gift, nobody would be as proud as you.

It is your child’s first birthday. Make it special by really doing something that he would cherish instead of being influenced with the hype. A party may give you short term pride and satisfaction but these tips will make your child’s life more beautiful in the long run.

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