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Aha… These Mama Moments

Being a mother you all must have experienced those “Aha” moments when your kids say/do things which completely take you by surprise, shock, wonder and amazement.

Special Moments With Kids

I don’t usually publish these on blogs as I believe many are way too personal and emotional for the mother and child, but some incidents from the recent past compelled me to write this post. So here goes:

Mama Moment 1:

Whenever I see the “genius” (read as absolute brilliance in my eyes) in my 2-year-old daughter’s behaviour, she is rewarded with a hug and kiss and I call her “My Little Einstein”. And from what I’ve seen there is abundant genius in a kid of that age!

The other day when we were doing something together, she surprised me by saying “Mama Eitin Eitin”… Initially I did not understand what she was trying to say, but when I did, I was mighty thrilled.

She had obviously understood the “When and Why” of the title. Obviously, in her eyes what I did was ‘an act of genius’. Whether anyone else identifies or acknowledges it or not, well my daughter did call me a ‘genius’. Who cares if she had the lens of a 2-year-old when she certified me as one. 🙂 I was a happy MOTHER!

Lesson learnt: Kids observe and learn just about everything. What you intend to teach them and even what you don’t intend to teach them!

Mama Moment 2:

I’ve been trying to teach my daughter the importance of eating healthy food and say NO to junk food (Read as chocolates, Maggi, french-fries, ice-creams, etc.). So anything we eat, I patiently categorise it as ‘Healthy food’ and ‘Junk food’. I also do explain her what happens if you eat ‘junk food’ (That’s the topic of another blog post 🙂 ), but needless to say, she learnt the lesson well (After all, who is the teacher ;)).

Recently on a hot summery day, when I offered her an ice-cream, she refused it by saying “Mummy… NO. Ice-cream is junk food”. And actually cried that why did I even offer it to her! (Huh… ^*%^%)

Lesson learnt: Idealists exist! Even if it’s just for the passing 🙂

Mama Moment 3:

I’ve been a stickler for cleanliness for as long as I can remember. Things around me should be neat, well-organised etc. or else I lose my sleep over it.

And after I became a MOTHER, I have re-defined the meaning and priority of ‘neat’, ‘organised’, ‘cleanliness’, etc. To be honest, I DON’T CARE about many things that made me lose my sleep before. I’d rather have my baby in my arms and a not so clean house, than a spotless clean house and my baby in someone else’s arms. Different things keep me awake at night (very rarely, as being a working mother exhausts you that when you hit the bed, sleep is just there, waiting to engulf you :))

Imagine my surprise, my little daughter chiding me for keeping things messy, disorganised and unclean… Huh!

Lesson Learnt: What goes around comes around! 🙂 / 🙁

Mama Moment 4:

The icing on the cake comes when I am feeling low (read as low in energy, worried, sad, pensive or stressed) and by some divine intervention, my daughter just knows it! I wonder how.

And then she comes up to me. Gives me those big hugs, kisses me and then tops it with a few words of pure love which goes as:

It’s OK.. Everything will be fine” OR

Mummy.. I love you so much” OR

Mummy.. leave it” OR

Mummy.. let’s go

In an instant, the bygones are gone. An instant mood-elevator is a heart-felt word and gesture. So much for the small joys and pleasure of motherhood.

Lesson Learnt: Joy and pleasure of motherhood/childhood – PRICELESS

Mama Moment 5:

Questions posed to little baby (I still don’t understand why people ask) – both in English and vernacular languages.

Whom do you love the most?”,

Whose baby are you?

Baby’s reply almost all the time is – “Mummy” (unless she is upset). NO! I did not teach her that. 😉 That’s her own voice and mind speaking.

And there’s some unexplainable satisfaction and joy in hearing that response, especially when the person who asked this was her Dad!!!

Lesson Learnt: Babies and Mummies – That is  something which can never really be defined, explained or written about in entirety; best left to experience.

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