• Hi Nischala: A great initiative about real issues that the parents face as mature adults. Any discord in marriage is bound to impact the kids, but what to do in such a case is very tricky and answers lies in each specific situation. What may work for one couple may not be acceptable to another. The only point I want to add is that affairs happen in two people and lot of time both parties are married with kids, which makes it even more complicated.

    • Nischala

      I fully agree with you Prasad that there’s no real answer. Depends on the people, priorities and context.. And yes! Kids usually are the most impacted – so parents sometimes make choices just for the kids!

  • V ki Amma

    Brilliant thought Nischala…maybe its a sheer piece of coincidence but I was considering this subject the past weekend. A friend of mine narrated an incident that left me deeply disturbed. It’s again about infidelity and parenting. Here the woman is at the receiving end such that her health is at risk. Her son is class 11th and the choices ahead of her tough, very tough. A good prompt for a series…but I agree with Prasad. Each of us is programmed differently and our choices are our own. So what may work for me may not for another. However I also agree that it is a great point of introspection though.

    • Nischala

      Thanks RItu.. I know way too many mothers these days who go through this dilemma. From pregnant women to mothers with kids in their 20’s, too many men are walking out.. Its a tough decision and choice, and gets complicated due to the number of lives that will be affected with the decision. There are surely no easy answers, it depends on so many variables.. But its a real dilemma which so many mothers face today.. Only a few take the hard stand and call it quits! Tough one..

  • Vandana Choudhary

    I think divorce is the right way to deal with it because in this way she can keep herself away from negativity and take better care of her and her kids.First she should think about her own emotion and then about anything else because if she will not be able to stay happy from inside than she cant do anything in life.

    • Nischala

      Hey Vandana – Thanks for your suggestion.. I so agree that it is important to keep negativity at bay (esp. for a mother), whatever else she decides otherwise. Thanks for stopping by