• Loved the article Nisha Kapoor. You rightly said that whatever we feed into a kid’s mind , stays with him forever and it shapes his personality. So we need to be extra careful what we feed to him apart from food!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • ‘What we feed to him apart from food’ 🙂 good one there…food for thought 🙂

  • We have also not resorted to bhoots, etc to make life easier for us with a toddler. I too don’t want to feed such nonsense to my little one’s mind. So, when I have to explain what a monster is, I am really short of words because I have never explained the concept. But that also makes me feel good.

    • That’s so good to hear Reema. I can see myself facing this quandary when my child grows up, but that will be a happy predicament. Who said only surprises can be pleasant? 🙂

  • We have all grown with our own demons… 🙂 Some time I feel they are just to make some body else the bad guy in front of the kids eye, and some time just to get the kids moving. Not sure if the approach is right or wrong but we have all either used it or were made to believe in it as a kid.

  • 🙂

  • Great read! This one is really special for featuring my wife and kid also in your blog! Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks Ashish for the like

    Kudos to you guys for the eye opener 🙂