• Hi Divya… Today girls are far ahead in breaking the stereotypes of all types, it is very much needed in the brave new world….

    • Hi Prasad. You are absolutely right, girls have a lot more stereotypes to break than boys.

  • I find it very sad Divya, we try so hard to break stereotypes and try to give our children enough opportunities; and the moment they step outside they are puzzled in this prejudiced world. My son is 20 months old now, and I am beginning to dread the school environment, teachers, their way of handling kids, the kind of friends he would make, the kind of parents his friends would have, and so on and so forth.
    I haven’t even pushed ABCD down his throat yet. I would like him to be curious first about it. Of course, I show him things and tell him words, read him stories, and can see he can differentiate colours with the colour coordinated block towers he makes but I am not going to push him to mug up things. I am yet to see a kid who does not know ABCD and I am not fretting to break any records by making him the first one to learn stuff! Kids are naturally curious and imaginative. We need to learn to let them be.

    • Sad it is, you are right. Schools and teachers have a tremendous influence on young minds. I will give you an example, my kiddo apologizes so profusely, for even silly things – draw a wrong line, sorry; colour a bit outside the line, sorry; forgot to pick something; sorry .. She has learnt this at school, from her teacher. I have a hard time now, undoing this one. There is absolutely no need to apologize for every silly thing!

      • My sympathies are with you and anxieties for my own future 🙁

        • Yeah, kids have to go out and face these for themselves. They need the exposure to distinguish right v/s wrong. We cant keep them protected for ever. Here’s wishing you and your son the very best, Reema!

  • To set them free is to give them wings. They will grow those wings! they will ! 🙂

    • Yep, to find their individuality in the crowd … Thanks Kavi!

  • Amrita Thavrani

    Not abiding by stereotypes can be our only revenge to those who were pioneer in building them at first place. Your article is quite a case-study in that regard.

  • rachana sharma

    Every individual process the stimulus from the external environment in their own neural system. If they give in to all stereotype they will not survive in ever changing environment, if they reject all stereotype which has their own rational standing, they will not thrive.

    But, very true Divya, as a parent we can only propose the basic principles of a happy life realized by us…

    • Thanks Rachana. Everyone of us have our own principles and attitude towards life and that’s what defines us. My kiddo too is slowly forming her own principles and identity in this world.