• To each his own Falak! I have stopped justifying my parenting fundas. 🙂

    • If only everyone gets to each their own. Rather Be and let Be… 🙂

  • Very pertinent post, Falak. And you know, I’m still trying to find my answers to all your “bang-on” questions too. It suffocates me to think that there are other moms way-too-curious to know how/why/when of my idea of parenting – not just to compare and criticise, but often to secretly copy too. Hm! Lots of growing up to do, and I do not mean just the kids! 🙂

    • Kids are doing just fine I say 🙂

  • Completely agree with what you say when you mention that almost anything and everything is about ‘competing’ today. And the worst part of it all is competitive parenting, I would say, as the main person who suffers as a consequence of this is the kid itself.

    Right from the beginning, my wife and I have consciously decided to do things our way despite whatever good or bad advice comes our way when it comes to parenting. We let lil R do things her way, at her speed, at her convenience, with just a few basic rules thrown in, and believe me, it is better for her and for us as parents, this way.

    Chill out, just do things the way you, your husband and your kid feel comfortable with. Let barking dogs bark…for lack of a better term…

    • I have learned the hard way for sure. I never believed in looking what people around me are doing but it sure rubs on to you when everyone wants to pull you down. I’m happy I have realized it, and am saner person now 🙂

  • Falak, the first suggestion that comes to my mind is you need to unfriend a few people.
    Jokes apart, of course, you are right. It happens all the time. And I have started finding it more amusing than irritating now 🙂 If I come across someone really trying hard to assert that she is the bestest Mommy, I happily agree.

    • Totally. And courtesy Momsters I have a lot of unwanted friends need to start working on that. 🙂

  • True. Being judgemental has become a part of the human psyche. As far as parenting goes, we have taken a lot of flak for “our mode of parenting” as our kids grew up because we chose to be unconventional and instinctive rather than base our parenting on what Dr.Spock or Penelope Leach had to say in their books or what have you.

    End of the day, my principle is “live and let live”. The human race really needs to take a long, hard look on its compulsive need to intrude into and be opinionated about things that don’t really concern them at all.

    Competition is good – to a certain extent. Not way over the top. Too much of anything, like they say, is good for nothing.

    • Totally, I believe in certain things as far as parenting is concerned, and they might/might not be the same as what you believe in. Its to each their own.

  • no 2 kids are same and no 2 parents will be same, so no point in competing. I don’ even compete with myself.