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Rainy Days And Mondays

…always gets me down! Or so says the old song. But ask any sub ten year old and the answer will be to the contrary.
Rainy Days And Mondays - World Through A Child's Eyes - Learning From Kids

So here I am, jaded adult on a rainy Monday trying to see the fabulous world from a child’s eyes:

-When it rains, it pours. Not just communicable diseases, runny noses and dampened clothes. But also water- yes, tonnes of it! And if you have an umbrella that has not been upturned in a hearty gust of wind, little have you lived. Gumboots aren’t meant for walking, they are meant for splashing, mud is meant for mucking around – and clothes do end up getting washed, don’t they?

– You don’t need to be at a karaoke bar to sing out aloud and out of tune! Or have the right words to every song. Sometimes it is just good to sing out aloud, sometimes louder than necessary and best of all with the lyrics all jumbled up. Because each song is your own, and it is fun to give up inhibitions and march to your own tune sometimes.

– It’s ok to admit to doing ‘nothing’. Not everything has to have a purpose. It’s absolutely fine to sit with your legs dangling out, staring at open space with nothing, absolutely nothing crossing your mind.

– And it’s absolutely fine to chatter away to yourself every once in a while. Because sometimes you like to listen to the sound of your own voice, you like to believe that conversations are going your way and you get to complete sentences without being cut into.

– Who said holidays were meant for waking up late? Indeed they are meant for early mornings of jumping around, making plans and enough ruckus to make the entire neighbourhood know that you have a break! So don’t snore away those precious hours – get up, get planning and make some noise!

– And back to the rains. Let them wreck havoc. Check out the rainbow and the shades of grey. Make inadequate paper boats that don’t quite know how to float. But they still are fun stuff to doodle on and get fingers ink stained.

…. So what are YOU learning from your kid today?

Nidhi Dorairaj Bruce is a Freelance writer from Mumbai who also manages a parenting website: . With no formal education in Parenting, she has been getting on-the-job training ever since her daughter, affectionately referred to as ‘the kidlet’, arrived on the scene 5 years ago. You can connect with Nidhi @typewritermom ,