• You I think Parents are there to create weird rules that aren’t that necessary and the kids get to break them.. there will be a day your kid will relish a roadside paani puri too 🙂 N She will also tell her daughter not to have them.
    Keep setting rules.. some are ok to be broken even fun too 🙂
    nice post.

    • rules there to be broken.. agree to it Sirisha.. i am sure she is going to enjoy the road side pani-puri.. 🙂

  • raodivya

    Hmm confusions of all the parents. You are right in that your daughter will explore the world in her own way once she steps out of the house regardless of the rules in the house.

    But my opinion is that we must strive hard to be better role models and provide her with the best opportunities that we can afford. With better opportunities comes better exposure and that makes a difference in her life.

    • Divya, you are right we need to be the role model, atleast do things which we would like them to do and behave ..

  • Ah well…you think my daughter doesn’t notice when chocolates go missing from the fridge – which she obviously hasn’t eaten 😉 Even as I ration it out for her I know that she knows that her mommy has succumbed to temtation :/

    • so now i realise, being mommy doesnt stop us from having temptation to the “forbidden food”. 🙂

  • I remember when I was a kid, my mom would scold me if I returned home after dark. I would think why was she so paranoid! Now I know better. There are millions of such things which come back to haunt us now, when we are able to appreciate their significance.

    • Yes Reema, when i was would i would too question my mom why she was creating such a big scene for coming late, but now if my daughter goes out with my neighbors, i would call atleast once to check her whereabouts. cant help on the mommy genes.. 🙂

  • Oh no! You reminded me of pani puri!!! 😛
    You’re right that we parents come up with crazy ideas, especially with the first kid….luckily, all the sensible ones shed them fast too!!

    • Roshini, yes i think this is first kid syndrome, “over-protection”. hopefully i come out of it soon. 🙂