• Totally agree with you Sirisha, its tough to say the least and it sure is an art… not everyone can do this. So till the time they understand sorrow or death… let the joker stay alive!

  • very true:) irrespective of what we are going through we always keep the baby untouched:)
    nice post:)

  • 🙂

  • Hello Sirisha!

    An honest and emotional account. Makes me think. What is right. Do we share and prepare as a matter of natural process or do we keep ‘bad’ news away for a later time, when they are more prepared to handle it all. I have no clear answers. Just a bunch of questions!

    But the innocence, the beauty and the compassion in her shows up when she wonders why must someone suffer! And in these questions that she asks and in the sharing that you do so well, life suddenly blossoms again.

    Thank you for sharing. Good luck. May she retain her curiousity and compassion forever!


  • Thanks for the awesome comment Kavi 🙂
    The so-called parenting books reccomend to tell them everything and never sugar coat stuff.. but I will shield her until I can ..

  • This post is so different…even I would prefer to shield my baby as long I can from these reality pangs.

  • Dear Sirisha,

    Life is such. Even when we were little we rarely got to know if there were any major problems at home. Our mothers rarely allowed us to be affected by their moods. The same applies for us too. But yes, there have been times when my little boy has found me in tears (I remember that when my mother passed away). I was stunned that he saw. So, all that I could do was hug him then. What he understood he knows.
    A nice post..

    • Yes we are human afterall! Sometimes the tears escape but thats just sometimes. We shield them thoroughly otherwise.

  • Very nice article. Motherhood is possibly the best that can happen.