• Tears in my eyes! When I read about what you did on your annivesary, I was wide-eyed, how did you manage! I miss those times too. The one thing which my friends used to tell me but I never paid too much heed earlier when I was pregnant, and the one which I keep reminding other expecting women in my life, is spend as much time together as a couple as possible! Things are going to change forever.

    • Hi Reema, for a long time after my kid I was in denial that we do not have to give up on our couple time… But nearly 4 yrs after kiddo, I have finally fully understood that a day out like this is indeed very thrilling and happening !

  • I don’t have a kid but I am scared to have one.. It seems my fun time will totally come to an end. Parents love kids absolutely but managing time for themselves once in a while is not bad.. you should not feel guilty at all. I think with time people will understand that to be good parents, its important to have a great relationship too and for that you must sneak some time solely for each other.

    • Hi manjulika, fun time has new definition after kids. But couple time surely changes completely!

      • sudha rao

        divya dont feel guilt i know the value of spending time with companion

        • It’s really important isn’t it?? Thanks for understanding..!!

  • Amrita Thavrani

    Anniversary wishes Divya. You had a rocking one 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Amrita.. We enjoyed it thoroughly..

  • chattywren

    I understand, have been caught with such dilemmas too. It is just so difficult to explain to family and extended family the need to go out with the husband. And you know what, often it is the mother who is on the receiving end of questions and explanations. Happy you found a solution for your day out, we do need them from time to time!

    • You said it chatty wren!! I was asked the question, my husband was blissfully unaware until I ranted about it!!

      • Hey, it is always the women -the one who blames and the one who receives the blame.

        • Bulls eye.. Sad but always true!!

  • Times like this one wish a joint family…. you leave the kids with the parents without any guilt and enjoy a day off…. 🙂 We have done this many times leaving the kids with their grandparents and go for a movie. Nothing to feel guilty about it………..enjoyed reading it.

    • Yeah Prasad, we do miss our extended family!! So stealing days like this become very difficult!!

  • Divya. you just made my day. After having been criticised (almost 8 years ago) at leaving the little one at the creche on my off day, this comes as a welcome surprise that there are other parents too, who have realized the importance of bonding with the spouse!! After all, happy spouses make better parents too, right (thats a good way to get rid of the guilt too 😉 )

    • Meena, I am still surprised that even after 8 years it is still frowned upon !! I guess some things never change!!

  • rachana sharma

    I offer my appreciation. You have very well composed the issue. Our consciousness often presents such dilemmas but as said in our Upnishads “sharirmadhyam khalu dhrma sadhnam” you can do all good work and duties with healthy mind and body only so its our prime duty to keep ourselves in a healthy frame. I am sure your kiddo must have got one of the warmest hugs by mom dad when you were back from your day out 🙂

    • Thanks Rachana.. You are right, We were fully involved in her activities for the next few days with good frame of mind..

  • Roshni

    Glad you had a wonderful time. I’ve stopped feeling this guilt long ago. I am strengthening my relationship with my husband, and in that way, am doing a favor on my sons!! 😀

    • Roshni, I am glad to know that I am not alone, really!!

  • Malini

    Divya, I totally agree with you!

    • Malini, I am glad. Thank you.

  • Perfect article Divya. There should be no guilt trips at all. I feel sometimes we have overdone with kids and that is how we face the wrath of it.

    • True .. My friend tells a story. She asked her mom “How did you entertain all 3 of us when we were young?” and her mom replied “I never did .. I provided you with basics and taught manners .. That’s all.”