• Nidhi

    I agree with you – there are some superstitions (especially if they concern the safety of our little ones) that we choose to carry forward – and there are some that are better cast away 🙂

    • Yeah totally !!! We choose to follow some even when we know they are of no good. But thank God I chose to leave some which are of no good either !!!

  • dhana

    Oh, Uma it has changed my nature itself a lot. From being a shy, quiet and a lonely girl into a talkative, outspoken and a woman thriving to make friends. I dont bother to raise my voice against school principal for giving corporal punishment or any relative who speak ill of my children, which i cant even dream doing so before. If not I who will fight for them, when they have entered this world having so much trust on me. I started making friends so that I can help them get friends.
    Oh,yeah! I too follow all those superstitions for the sake of my children though I believe it or not. regarding that days of mensturation I too follow your way for my daughter no matter what my relatives speak behind us.

    • WTG Dhana !!! I can see bits and pieces of that talkative nature from your long long comments 😉
      Standing up for our children is something very much needed, which many parents fail to do; Am glad for you 🙂
      Relatives are not going to come and stay with us or take care of us…they just talk something and go away – just ignore them if its not to your liking !!!

  • Wow, U have actually sidelined an existing superstition. The things have gone deep inside us but its good u changed them for your daughter.. 🙂 Motherhood changes so much and empowers to decide good or bad for the kids..

    • Yes Manjulika, I felt that I need to do it, so that my girls will be free of that sentiment which can boggle the mind anytime later.

  • I became more tolerant, less judgemental and also became a fighter. Yes motherhood changes a person

    • Oh yeah, the fighter part – I’ve seen a little of it in your writing 😉
      And we change in many ways which we never expected before – one of the marvels of motherhood.

  • Well said! Yes, motherhood has brought many changes in me… some were gradual and some sudden… being more responsible and became more of a problem solver…

    • I am so loving the changes brought in us through motherhood !!! It has made us into better mothers and human beings…hugs Shilpa 🙂

  • i completely agree with with Uma.. even i do the salt and kajal thing.. i hope i too get out of the superstitious things penetrated in my mind.. thats a nice step which you took towards ur daughters..

  • Roshni

    When I first came to live in the South, I was shocked at this type of treatment of women in a region that apparently respected women, at least more than in the North. I’m glad there are moms like you who wish to change this!