• Amrita Thavrani

    Valid points you raised Prasad. I was been enrolled in Hindustani classical singing as an extention to my mother’s unfulfilled dream 🙂 Hope I do a better justice to my incomplete wishes by atleast not making my kid a bearer of them.

    • Thanks Amrita….I think it is very important that we make kids do something they enjoy and not because we wanted to do it as kids.

  • What you write is true. Many times we do want our children to pursue interests that were denied to us as children.

    But one thing to keep in mind – at a young age, children cannot really be sure of what they are interested in – whether they want to learn to dance or to play a sport or an instrument. But I think we can all agree that certain skills are important – such as learning to swim. So I would tell my daughter that she has to stick to her swimming lessons even if she doesn’t enjoy them much because I think it is an important skill to pick up. In return, I dangle the carrot of art classes in front of her.

    Similarly, if I felt that she was musically inclined, I would send her for music lessons no matter what, because I recognised that talent in her, and wanted her to hone it. Intially, what form that lesson took would depend on my knowlegde of it – hindustani or carnatic, instrumental or vocal – but once she was old enough and experienced enough, I would let her choose and change, if she was so inclined.

    The point I am trying to make is that many times parents have to force their children into something and encourage them to keep at it until they develop some amount of mastery – and it is with this mastery and skill that children will develop a liking for that as well. Whether the kids choose to continue will come later when they are old enough to take such a decision.

    Kritika Srinivasan

    • Hi Kritika… Valid points. Yes swimming is a must, on others the point I am trying to make is that we need to find what the kids enjoy and have a flair for and nurture the same, and not what we were denied. ( technically it could be the same thing but we need to make sure) Thanks

  • Letting them be is the best that can be done to let their souls flourish. Its a tough ask, but then, that is important to do!

    I am so hopefuly that I will let her be!