• Amrita Thavrani

    Somehow I have observer, the more agree to her demand(no matter how whimsical they are), the lesser the demand are. She doesn’t understand too many NOs.. but I when I agree to her (baring anything that may harm her), she starts accepting couple of really important NOs..

    • hmm! That sounds logical too 😀

  • Dr. Gauri

    I do the exact same things as you. I liked the way you said, ‘Royally Ignore’ yup! it works for us as well!

    • hehe ! most of the time it does.. 🙂 we can never be sure with these toddlers though na!

  • Even I do the same to tackle my tots tantrums….Distraction works, but now as she is growing distraction works less 🙁

  • I know they are smarter than us , ya! Whatever we think of, they usually up us quickly!

  • Sirisha,

    My son is just days away from turning 20 months. His terrible-two symptoms have hatched earlier than expected and I am hobnobbing around his tantrums almost everyday! Distraction works best with me. But the real danger is that he has learnt to hurt him self! I worry he will hurt himself really bad…and that keeps us all on our toes!

    • Hmm thats a guilt tactic many toddlers seem to use.. if he aint hurting himself real bad.. try ignoring even that a couple of times.. I know real difficult but then some habits need to be nipped in the bud.. all the best 😀