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Tribute To Mom

Remember those touching lines from the Song –

“… Dharti pe roop ma-baap ka us vidhata ki pehchaan hai”?

Really, Mother and Father on earth are the form of that Heavenly spirit. It is only when we become parents that we understand their worth.

Tribute to Mom

Whatever we have grown up to be, wherever we stand and all that we deserve to receive is substantially because of their upbringing, teachings, care and sacrifices that they made to ensure a wonderful future for us. They never failed to miss even a single step that would make our world the best place to cherish happiness. No matter what, they always held that incredible patience needed to uphold us through all good and bad times of our lives.

On this Special Occasion of Mother’s Day, it is time to pay a tribute to our Mothers.

Write your ‘Tribute to Mom’ and win prizes for her!


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Make your Mother feel special for all the warmth, love, affection, care that she has showered upon you.

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So, write your heart out. Blog your tribute and Submit the link in the comments below!

The last date for participating is 20th May, 2013. 🙂