• That is why they say, ” Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true!” Sasha regularly leaves the kids with me and goes to for retail therapy… 🙂 You should try it… 🙂

    • Was just one of those days Prasad.. Retail therapy didn’t help too 🙁

  • After every couple of days, I am hit by the need to get away. I am the primary caregiver to our son. I stay with him and watch over him all the time. Sometimes I get so frustrated to just be able to eat a meal properly or just sit leisurely for a while or even go to bathroom peacefully; that I have even told my husband I envy him sometimes. I have recently started going for movie or lunch with a friend, even alone. But I have not gone out with my husband for almost two years. I am in India. Our parents visit sometimes but I don’t think I will be able to leave him with either sets of parents for a couple of hours. Our sensibilities of raising kids are different. The only time I am peacefully roaming around outside home, is when my son is with my husband. But I have still not figured how to deal with this constant need to get away. All said and done, I cannot live without my son for more than a few hours. I realize that he is going to need me around only for a few years. He would soon want to run away to his friends.

    • Taking care all alone is even more stressful Reema.. I can only imagine how that is.. We need to put more attempts to take time out and get in touch with other areas of our lives isn’t it?? Looks like u have got a good balance going on..

  • I am told it often happens! I am also given that as a reason for several trips to the mall and such other places where I otherwise detest going to! By you know who! 🙂

    On a more serious note, I think it is only natural for such stuff to happen. Completely natural I would think!

    • Haha good idea to use that as a reason 😉
      It’s completely natural but guilt has its way I suppose!!

  • Amrita Thavrani

    I was once asked by my husband that “Given a chance, what is one superpower you will like to posses ?” I said “To be able to vanish from this world and no one misses me as if I never existed at first place”… so its all natural.. this stress, guilt and come backs 🙂

    • Come on Amrita, I don’t think you would like that, when no one would miss you as if you never existed. We love to be missed 🙂

    • Hmmmmm.. That’s how I felt that day!! Exactly my emotions..

  • Amrita Thavrani

    Reema.. why I wanted that superpower was like Divya I as buried with my responsibilities and wanted a break.. but then also wanted the things to be taken care of. With no one missing me I will be assured that someone is taking over my responsibilities and with vinishing I will make sure I am free.. 🙂

    • I know I know …I understood. I just meant we wish for these sorts of things but would not like it when these things happen.
      I am a Stay-at-Home-Mom, I don’t get any break into the outside world. I am living in a bubble where most of the times only I and my baby exist, with hubby coming in and going out of the bubble. You know, what I mean. I feel sometimes I should just get break from thinking all the time about the kiddo’s schedules…time to drink milk, time to massage, time to give bath, time to nap, time for outdoor play, what innovations to do with his food and so on and so forth …. phew! Sometimes I just want to sit and not be bothered about these things, and just read and write with a cup of tea 🙂

      • Just sit and write with a cup of T without any interruptions 😀 bliss…