• Amrita Thavrani

    Its a tricky business to have a baby and then keep her out of the conversation. They pops their head in middle of adult talk even when they are physically absent. It needs serious effort to keep them only where they belong. Yes, I am guilty too 🙂

    • Amritha, there is no way to keep parenting and kids out of conversation. Because it is a such a loved topic to discuss. Balance is key.

  • Shilpa Som

    Wonderful article Divya. Once a mom, want it or not, whole world revolves around kids unless a mom makes a sincere attempt to explore other things happening in the world. But, life is better when we try NOT to be the mommy for everybody and just be the mommy for our own baby :).

    • Well said Shilpa. Dont be a mommy for everyone. 🙂

  • rachana sharma

    Well done Divya! Thoughtful matter in amusing presentation. Overwhelmed with responsibility of angels most of the moms forget there is another world too beyond this. Their thoughts, actions, emotions everything begin to revolve around parenting and ends up in all joys and sorrows restricted to kids only. The realization can be an eye-opener and change the whole course of life…. Life may begin with innocent infancy and childhood but should be ended with expurgated maturity 🙂

    • You are right Rachana, this realization can be an eye-opener. To be a little sensitive to those around takes very little effort.

  • Well I guess we are a nation who loves to solve others problems, hence giving unwanted suggestions to others. People not only use to give us suggestions but also solutions !

  • Yes Divya, I agree with you completely. I too have friends who are single and I take care to not irritate them or hurt them with my child’s tales,etc.
    Well written.

  • this post has a tricky heading.. at first i thought, this is about suggesting about how to be rude.. but i when i went thru the entire post, i was proved wrong… very well put together and very sensitive 🙂

  • Roshni

    Very sensitively put! As parents, we do tend to be arrogant and dismissive of others!

    • Yeah Roshni .. Thanks for your comments.