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Summer Fun

Kids eagerly look forward to their summer holidays after stressful and hectic days of school exams. Like every other child, my naughty son was also expecting a break. I was enthusiastic to give him an exciting holiday, full of fun, frolic and excitement. We finally planned our trip to Hyderabad.

Summer Holidays For Kids - Summer Fun For Kids

We reached our destination and fortunately the weather was cloudy and not too hot. My son was excited to meet his cousins and his grandma. The large group of family members were enough to start the ball rolling. The cousins got together and had a good time. Especially the boys, got together and started playing, jumping, exploring each others toys.

It was also convenient to take the kids to the park, as it was within the complex where we were staying. It’s such a relief to have well equipped parks at our doorstep. The kids spent some quality family time together. I think that’s really essential during the growing years. That way they learn the importance of relations and family ties which seems to be missing nowadays. Being the only child, I was happy to see him bond with his brother and sister. It was pleasing to see them chat on different topics too.

Aiden my son not only got to relish his grandma’s warmth and love but also her delicious food. Parks, family lunches, outings and movies – we are trying to make the most of our summer holidays. The best part of visiting other cities is that the kids get a taste of other cultures, cuisines and people. Knowledge and fun at the same time. They become more adaptable and accommodating too.

Thankfully he has enjoyed the journey so far and we have a few more days left for his summer holidays to end. We are planning for some more excitement and fun in the days to come. Hopefully all should go well.

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