• Skull fracture sounds so scary !! I can imagine how guilty you must have felt for that accident .. Thank god nothing much happened !!

    • Rachna

      Thank you Vidya. Yes, it was scary.

  • Well said. Accidents happen and can happen to anybody. Instead of showing compassion and understanding, what most people do is to judge you, as it is the easiest thing to do!
    Somebody said, “…but before you start pointing fingers… make sure you hands are clean!” And am sure they aren’t!
    Glad that your baby is fine! It must be one nightmarish experience!

    • Rachna

      I am glad too that baby Sid was fine. What irks the most is how casual people are in pointing fingers.

  • that is one terrifying experience!!!

    • Rachna

      It was!

  • Oh my gosh, Rachna – Hugs. I can imagine what you must have gone through. Just reading about it gave me goosies. Yes, parents, especially Mothers are always judged and generally found lacking no matter how well they manage things. All I can say is I feel with you. Whenever you think about it, please know I would reach out for your hand and hold it, and feel your pain with you.

    Huge hugs. I am so glad he was alright and that you had a doc who was accessible and soothing. It hurts when someone talks about being careful/less.

    • Rachna

      Thank you for the hugs, Vidya. Hugs right back. I am very thankful for the people who stood by me and gave me strength in that vulnerable moment of mine. All I wanted is a bit of empathy. But, I heard questions like, “Were you wearing heels?” “How could you slip? Were you distracted? Where was your attention? Why did you gave to go out with an infant son?” and many more.

  • Fab

    So true, most times we hear of an accident involving a child, the first question people ask is ‘where was the mother when this was happening?’. True we are our child’s primary caretakers, but we’re humans too. I can imagine how much that incident must have scared you, I remember how terrified I was when my baby fell off the bed. I’m sure most mothers can identify with you 🙂

    • Rachna

      Exactly Fab, I am a human being first. Who are they to pass judgments on me?

  • Very well narrated… the conduct of doctor and your husband is really ….. Kabiley Tareef”

    • Rachna

      Thank you desi traveler. The doctor must have not known how grateful I was for his support. With hubby, yes, he knows what his support and presence means to me.

  • Thats such a terrible experience Rachna…my God, I can so understand the guilt part inside every one of us. Am so glad that your husband stood calm and supportive the whole time. That gives the strength to take things lightly, as they come in life.

    Oh !!! There are always people around to judge and criticize. I think they are best ignored. As a mother, you know whats right for your child.

    • Rachna

      Thank you so much, Uma. I am lucky that the person who truly mattered stood by me and with me. It is unfortunate that sensitivity is not a quality that most people have.

  • Rachna – I was getting goosebumps when reading this. How traumatic, indeed. It’s sad that some women thought you were being ‘careless’. Thank God, you had the support of a loving family and a good doctor. ♥

    • Rachna

      Truly thank God for that, Corinne. Hubby was with me through it all. But even my family and in-laws were very supportive over the phone. I needed all the strength I could get to get me through that time. Some of the questions that were thrown at me, I’ve written to Vidya above. Thanks for your love and support. Hugs!

  • Sirisha

    Parents are constantly judged .. I guess it is forgotten conveniently that we are humans too and accidents do happen.. The most important person in your life stood right besides you in trying times and that’s the only thing important… Kuch toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hain kehena!

    • Rachna

      Yes Sirisha. You are absolutely right. Why is it so difficult to give strength instead of dwelling on hows, whys etc. Yep hubby being by my side was a big moral support. We have weathered many storms together.

  • janu

    There are no rules in parenting. We just go by our instinct and what we think is best for our kids in the circumstance. That was terrible what happened to you and Siddhart. You are a great mom. Let the others talk. They always will.

    • Rachna

      Hugs Janaki and really happy that baby Siddharth was untouched by the accident. Wish I had this wonderful bunch of ladies then to speak too. Unfortuntely most of them just made me feel even more miserable :(. Thank you for your lovely words.

  • Those words were so easily said but what were you supposed to do? In an accident, how does one be less careless?! It was wonderful that your husband realized this and that your son was okay!

    • Rachna

      Yes Roshni will always thank God that Siddharth is safe. I wrote some of the questions I was subjected to in my reply to Vidya. Did they really need to crucify me? Could they not relate to me at the level of a human being and woman in pain reaching out for some empathy?

  • Rachna, what an experience to go through!

    Such a fine husband who could take care of the situation , help you and the child. My special wishes to him.

    • Rachna

      Thank you Pattu. Yes even when I am really cross, I never lose sight of this and many other instances when he has been with me shoulder to shoulder.

  • Rachna, I can totally understand what you might have gone through. Despite of being careful, accidents do happen. It’s very easy to say don’t be careless, or be more careful, but only parents know how it is. I have been judged too many times…glad that the kid was safe..

    • Rachna Parmar

      Yeah, it was hurtful Latha! But then the one person who really mattered was strong in his support. He did not know it then, but I later told him how much that had mattered to me.

  • That must have been one tough night for you and your husband and that’s an understatement!
    You are right, “It is commendable to not lay a blame on someone when the times are so testing”. It needs empathy, courage, compassion. Not just friends or relatives, even your close ones blame you and pass it off as their own tension. That is such a selfish reaction I feel.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Yes Shail, it was! And thank you for saying that. It takes courage and inner strength to face a situation at hand with a calm head. Many years later, we both faced a very trying situation related to our kids that ended well but was really scary when it happened. All I can say is that I do count my blessings that everything went well.

  • Only a parent knows what he or she has done (or not done) for the child. We all play the best game we can with the hand we are dealt. If one knew how to play a better game, one would have. I see this not only with people judging other parents, but even children judging their own parents. I am able to see this in my own behavior. For years, I was unable to see what my parents had done since I was blinded by what I perceived they had not done or had done wrong. I have experienced this as a parent too, where the partner feels you have not done what you should have. It is the most hurtful experience ever. You are truly fortunate to have a partner who has seen the situation for what it was rather than judge and blame you.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Yes Subhorup! Yes, I am very fortunate that my partner did not judge me and that he stood by me. Of course, judging is human nature and both of us judge each other in other less critical situations. In this vulnerable situation, he stood by me, and that will always count in my eyes for a lot. It is often said that a person’s true strength is revealed in testing times. And these times also bind you together, and give you the strength to handle other conflicts as partners.

      Yes, I judged my parents too. And, you know I can only truly appreciate them for all they did for me, sometimes in a flawed manner, but always with the best of intentions, more so because I am a parent now. My mom used to say, “You will know when you are a parent.” I indeed know now, but she is not around to share notes with me.

      You are very right when you say only a parent know what s/he has done. We all try to do our best for our kids. I know I do, but I am not perfect. I have so many flaws. What matters is that I try to do what I believe is right with my limited knowledge and ability. Some day I hope my sons will also be able to see that. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts.

  • Rachna, I want to say so many things. But first on the blessings in your life. How amazing you have a husband like that and your doctor of that day was so calm and non-judgmental!
    And then us, women–as much as I am a feminist and stand by women’s rights and their issues–I have to admit, we are nasty at times–mean, judgmental, hurtful. I am sure I have been like that too. So cannot blame others when I myself am not perfect.
    All I can do is to go back to that day–when you went through that pain and that guilt and fear and crazy agony and say–sister, how you must have suffered! What strange destiny that you and your son had to go through that mishap.
    And the I turn spiritual and say–maybe, worser was meant to happen to your son. But because he fell from his mother’s arms, the mother in you protected him from real injuries–that if he had fallen from some other arms, he may have been hurt badly. So now I go through that incident and see you as his savior, as his angel, as his protective force and say–thank mother, he was in your arms!
    Much love, Rachna.

  • Rachna Parmar

    Thank you so much Bhavana! I actually read your comment thrice before I could reply so that I could totally take in the positivity of your message. Thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot to me. I guess this is the sort of message I wanted to get when I shared my pain with others. Isn’t this the reiteration we all seek? I never cease to count my blessings for what I have. Even in my darkest moods, I go back to these memories to energize myself. Many years later, both of us again went through a terrible episode related to our kids. And, by God’s grace or karma or whatever else is out there, my children were saved. In some ways, yes, I have been very lucky.

    I also agree that I must have hurt or been mean myself. I hope I am more conscious of that fact and try to improve constantly. My reason for sharing this incident was so that all of us develop some empathy when people in pain turn to them. At that moment, we don’t want to hear lectures or who did what wrong. At that point, we just want a sympathetic ear and a kind voice. Thank you for showing me how I can view the entire incident with positivity and for your warm words. They mean a lot!

  • i face this prob day to day dear.. my in-laws blame me for the baby’s fall. she is growing and trying to walk, so she would fall. but they tell me that, from morning she was ok, now started falling after i am back from work. what do i say?? is it my problem. ? unluckily hubby doesnt stay with me to support me. i need to stand up for my self and take care of the falling child and blame. 🙁

    • Rachna Parmar

      Oh hugs ashreyamom! How can they? I know that there is a lot of blame heaping that a mother suffers in Indian society. I know that you have to speak up for yourself. It is an unfortunate situation that you have to face everyday. Much strength sent your way.

  • What a scary experience! I am so glad nothing major happened that night. You are really lucky that your husband is an amazing person. It is so easy to blame others – specially the mother, even when you know she would never do something like this deliberately!

    • Rachna Parmar

      Yes Ritu! True that. He has earned loads of brownie points for it. Of course, we do judge, criticize and curse each other on other occasions. But, when the going really gets tough, I’ve always seen him stand like a rock behind me, and I believe that I do that too.

  • Hey Rachna, this I am sure must be a terrifying experience..I can relate myself to you coz the same happened with me when my daughter was only 4 months old and I slipped from stairs and had her in my arms. Similarly I had to visit doc, get her CT scan and all. Reading this I just went back so many years. Kids are the best gift on this earth and we women are strong enough to handle any situations that come our way for sure. Hats off to you for handling it with courage and glad Siddharth was safe then. Hugs!

    • Rachna Parmar

      Oh my God, Anamika! Is that true? You are the first person I’ve met who has undergone the same trauma. Thank you for saying that. And ain’t I glad that Sid is hale and hearty. That is one burden that any parent can live without.

  • It is torturous going thru such an experience. You are talking about one night even an hour is bad. God bless and everything went alright. And you were ok as well. Yes we get judged all the way sometimes for sill reasons and sometimes big.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Yes Sumana! It was very tough. The memory of it is painful. The only consolation that all ended well.

  • Hi Rachna, very well written post and bang on. I could almost fell the horror and pangs of guilt. Every mother has to go through this horrendous time, though the incident can be as minor as child slipping out of the bed or chair to a major as you narrated. The child’s pain, own guilt , cruel-careless remarks and accusing eyes can be too much much to handle at that time. Thank God your son is fine! and cheers to your husband for his understanding support!

    • Rachna Parmar

      Indeed Meenakshi, so well put! Thank you for the warm words.

  • The worst nightmare to see a child suffer! Blaming is a sign of immaturity and can never bring positive results, on the contrary mature handling can bring situation under control. All is well that ends well, Rachna!

    • Rachna Parmar

      Your comments are short but full of wisdom and maturity. Thank you for the comment, Rahul. You are absolutely right.

  • uma

    Gosh Rachna! that was such a scary experience. I am so glad that you had the support of two positive individuals- one, who kept his calm because his profession demanded but the other due to his love for the two of you.
    And, I do agree, we are a very judgmental species today. We rush to conclusions and label a person without realizing that we might be in their shoes one day and they too as a parent must be doing all that they think is right. Also, we are very touchy souls- always worried and anxious that the other person’s child is going to cause harm to ours and be on the edge while interacting with other moms.

    • Rachna Parmar

      So true, Uma! We are really a very judgmental species and very insensitive to others. Of course, when the same situations apply to us, we expect everyone to be very understanding. I have seen that a lot in women personally.

  • I agree Rachna. People judge so fast. I mean why would a parent be careless on purpose! The way you wrote the post-> I could feel the anguish and the turmoil.
    And yes that happens, one keeps on reliving that moment.
    Kudos to your husband. Blame game in sensitive times adds to the guilt and troubles. Glad all ended well.

    • Rachna Parmar

      So true, Jenny. The logic is simple except for a release what does it provide to the others to scream and yell at the poor person in an already demanding situation. I look at it even more harshly if family and close friends do it. Acquaintances you can just ignore and move on.

  • THat is why its called an accident..

    Ok I have a story to tell too .. it happened with my nephew, he wwas just about 10 at that time .. we were playing football , and We both went for the Ball and I kicked without realising he was in way and my food landed on his Arm..

    and he shrieked like anything , held is hand , took him to hospital he had a broken arm at three different places .. I still feel guilty of it, but kudos to my sis and her hubby they did not say anything and took it in stride , it was an accident .. although the council called and wanted to know how it happened and all ..

    So yeah accidents happen and blaming will never help anyone , the first and foremost thing is to get the child seen to .. there is enough time in life to play the blame game ..

    I think we people have a lot of time in hand and do nothing hence all the gossip, that is what it is , I sometimes feel amazed at some people here in uk my relatives as how they get time to GOSSIP or do the blame games , I mean go and DO Some work , put it to better use …

    is this the episode you said you will tell me when we meet 🙂

    moreover I think parents know best dont know why anyone else has to interfere, its got nothing to do with anyone else ..

    • Rachna Parmar

      Nah, this is not that episode. That involved both the kids and happened 3 years back :(. And so proud of your sis and bil. Lots of time people lack the maturity of handling the pain at hand but rather engage themselves in blame mongering. It is very sad, but it happens very frequently.

  • rama

    I am so glad to read that nothing went wrong, you not only have a good husband, but were lucky to have had good practical doctor too.
    However, it is human to shout at the person/ or the tendency generally is like that, and it doesn’t mean by doing so, they are criticizing the person, it is just a spur of the moment reaction, because of the of the love for the child. It is good that your husband had the sensitivity of a mature person, he did not react like that. Believe me, if it had happened to me, even my husband would have been very calm, but if it had been done by my husband, i think i would have said something rude to him without meaning it. I am being frank, for when i put myself in that position, i feel i would have reacted like that only.
    But i am sure my husband or me in the similar situation would not have felt offended, for we both would have known it is our love for our child that made us burst out like that.
    Such things can happen between two people who have given birth to the child, but such behavior cannot be accepted from others like the neighbors/ in laws passing such comments as mentioned by you and one other blogger.
    It was really scary, and I am so glad for you, that your child has grown up to be a healthy child.
    Please , don’t misunderstand my comment, it is not meant to offend you in any way.

    • Rachna Parmar

      I understand what you are saying, Rama! But then I know and have seen for a fact that in the worst of situations I don’t hit out to the already grieving significant other. Of course, I would forgive him at a later stage had he hit out at me, but I am being honest it would have hurt me. I expect a partner to chip in especially in these tough times and be supportive. That’s just the way I am, and I have the same standards for myself. At other times, we yell and scream and that is fine. But in these crucial moments, it mattered a lot to me that he concentrated on dealing with the situation rather than releasing his frustrations and fears on me.

  • AlkaGurha

    As parents we can tackle our pain but it is almost impossible to endure the suffering of our children. Blaming only worsens the situation. Glad it all turned out fine.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thanks Alka!

  • Oh…so tragic. I can imagine the pain you went through, having been through the same trauma. Worse, people are more judgmental these days and we just wish they shut up and leave us to our parenting.

    • Rachna Parmar

      You are so right there, Cloud Nine.

  • Jack


    If I was in your place I would have felt exactly the same way. It is only when one grows that one realizes that QUE SERA SERA SERA. We should never hurt someone on his or her parental ways unless it is absolute necessity.

    Take care

    • Rachna Parmar

      True! Thank you Jack.

  • Your kid is fine.
    Your husband stood by you.
    Accident is just an accident.
    God too stands by genuine mothers.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you Chowlaji for your warm sentiments.

  • Very rightly said Rachna. Accidents can happen and with anyone. That’s the time when you require support from your better half and family and I am really happy to know that your husband stood by you like a rock.

    We are judged at every step and what hurts most is when it happens within your own family. Only yesterday I was at a friend’s place and her 1 and half year old fell down from stool. She was blaming herself nonstop and I just put a hand on her shoulder and told her, it is ok.. it happens.. and it was enough for her to feel the calm.

    • Rachna Parmar

      You did good, Jas! Yes, we moms are always on a guilt trip. We blame ourselves for everything. But then a warm word and a soothing tone can really work wonders for our frail emotions. It is surprising how other mothers and women can be so cruel. One would think that they would be much more empathetic having undergone similar traumas.

  • Such a scary incident. I am reminded of a few things myself but I really think it could be because of you that he had lesser injury, an adult body would try to slow down the fall and minimise the impact by reflex and you did it consciously too. Thank God he was safe.

    All those who pass judgement are not worth a millisecond of thought, I have a long and recurring experience of people being insensitive and judgmental regarding my daughter’s condition. I learned to ignore them all like houseflies. Really.

    • Rachna Parmar

      I know Sangeeta! Even in that split second, I was trying to hold on to his head. Luckily he was strapped to me but still his head did hit the ground. Like I said in the post, I went over that part a million times changing the end every single time. What can one say? It is in these times that we reach out to others for some empathy but sadly they do not understand that. So sorry for what you had to go through. We can be really really insensitive. I have become much better at ignoring and even giving it back now. Back then, I did not have a support system of wonderful friends. This was a new city. Thank you so much for your comment.

  • /AMS

    Husband, as usual while following news, keeping an eye on playful youngest child….. Dud came the sound. Wife, the elder kids came running. Husband frozen shocked. The youngest child lifeless on floor. Wife screamed, horror on face, invoking Almighties name for help, opening the house door, instructing the elder kid to knock the opposite housche door. Wife instinctively picked the child from floor. Squatting on bench, carefully placing the child on her lap, rocking gently. Neibours arrived. The mother asked the neighbours is ambulance coming. It was not the age of mobile phones. A bajaj could be heard speeding away from the first floor. A huge crowd surrounded her, reacting, but not knowing whats the right thing to do. The elder child walked its way back in between the elderly crowd, pulling the shocked father who was left behind. Wife looking at her husband, with a pleading look which said do something. Husband sprinkling water on childs face, on grieving mothers and another neigbors instruction. Some of neighbours were looking disapprovingly at the couples. The moments were tense. And as if it was a miracle the elder kid spotted a slight movement from younger one, kids mother too spotted it. The elder child went closer to its mother, reassuringly. Eyes were yearning for one more sign, one more movement. The chest started moving up and down. She gasped – ‘he is breathing’. But it was not smooth. The child was recovering from unconsiousness. The sign of life had restored smile on few faces.

    The crorwd now found the lost voice. A fiesty neighbor aunt, pushed her way through the crowd, with milk cooker and glass. She poured it out. Voluntering to feed the youngest. But mother, pleaded with a no. It did not go down well with neighbor aunt, who persisted. The crowd around watching. Elder kid watched, its mother, throw away the milk glass in one swift move, saying ‘its not the time to feed’, with a tone which seemed to say she knows what she is doing. The disapproval of most of the neighbors, also got a voice, the neighbor aunt lashed out in angry voice. Minutes before the air around was tense. No, its the people who tense it.

    Knowing the child in her lap was alive, and under her control, it was time for crowd control. She pleaded he crowd to disperse, to let in fresh air and tha. And requested her husband and a neighbor friend she trusted to be with her. The childs mother knew, what to do and whom not to blame…

    – ‘Often To Blame, means to Be-Lame’

    (Real story – It was also an evening. Ambulance arrived. Child was hospitalized. The child was fine, doctors declared, after medical tests and observations. The child was meritorious student.)

    /A M.S

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you for sharing AMS. If only most people would realize that blaming really did nothing for the situation. But then the world would be ideal then, wouldn’t it? I liked the blame = be-lame analogy.

      • /A M.S

        Was in a rush then. The child was unconsious for close to 1/2 hour. Not easy, such moments. But its these very moments that can bring out best attitude and lessons one inculcates for rest of lifetime!

        And just to balance, Dont judge a parent by looking at child also applies.

        Here a poem from Khalil Gibran – On Children’
        Your children are not your children.
        They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

        They come through you but not from you,
        And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

        You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
        For they have their own thoughts.

        You may house their bodies but not their souls,
        For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
        which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

        You may strive to be like them,
        but seek not to make them like you.

        For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
        You are the bows from which your children
        as living arrows are sent forth.

        The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
        and He bends you with His might
        that His arrows may go swift and far.

        Let our bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
        For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
        so He loves also the bow that is stable.
        ——————————- END ————————————-

        Happy parenting.
        Until next time.

        • Rachna Parmar

          Lovely poem, AMS. Indeed, these situations teach us a lot. And, I agree that parents should not be judged, but it is hard not to do that when you see an ill-mannered kid creating ruckus, and an indulgent not moving a brow :). Thanks, I loved your comment. Do you blog?

  • It is during situations like these, you get to see the worst and the best in your loved ones!

    It must have been such a terrifying night for both of you. Thank God! it’s just a scary memory now.

    • Rachna Parmar

      True Purba! I believe the same. It is the worst circumstances that teach you the true lessons in life and also reveal your grain. Thank God that nothing worse than this happened.

  • That sure was one scary incident, especially since the baby was only seven months old.questions raised, it becomes worse. As if any mother would wilfully be careless of his child! As it is we are feeling terrible and guilty and when fingers are pointed it only makes it worse. We are able to face a lot of flak if our spouses stood by us and were not judgmental. Fortunately for me too, the L&M might become nervous over many things, but when it comes to the kids, he is rock steady and supportive.

    Hugs to you, though eight years late and you are a wonderful mother 🙂

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you Zephyr! It means a lot to me when you say that. And an already popular L&M gets some more brownie for standing by my favorite person :).

  • Rachna, that was quite a scary experience. When it comes to babies, one has to be so very careful. It is heartening to know that everyone in your family were comforting and encouraging instead of blaming you. Thank God, is what came to my mind after I read that everything was fine and that your little baby was doing well.

    And, as you rightly mention, parents are blamed for everything that happens to the child. I would take it a step further and say that the mother is blamed more than the father. The blame game continues even when the ‘baby’ falls in love with somebody the family does not approve of. Sad state.

    Big hugs and much love to a wonderful mamma.

    Joy always,

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you so much, Susan! Yep, it is the mother who is supposed to be the primary caregiver, and she is always blamed for everything — bad upbringing and choice of spouse included :). Isn’t it so very sad? Hope our generation of women are able to make things better.

  • panchali

    Goodness me, it must have been a terrible experience or both of you !! There are times when remaining calm can make you stand out above the rest of the pack. Poise is often a clear marker of real leaders….
    Good one.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Well said, Panchali!

  • Oh dear lord! That must have been so terrifying, Rachna! Glad to know that nothing major happened. Poor baby, he must have been in such pain! And hugs to you, can understand what you must have gone through that night :).

    I agree completely, parents are one of the most judged lot. And it so does get hurtful at times.

    Loved the post, Rachna! You conveyed a pertinent message in such a simple yet beautiful way. You have a wonderful way with words :).

  • Rachna Parmar

    Thank you Deeps. Your warm appreciation meant a lot to me.

  • TTT

    parents and I think especially moms are judged and held guilty everytime something like this happens . It does hurt … sigh !
    You have conveyed a strong message via this post . Thank you !

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you so much, TTT, for the warm words.

  • I so so loved this post Rachna…Parenting is easy only in one aspect, giving free advice to others! Phew! Once when my son was around a year old. I took himn to the doctor and decided to take the bus on my return…Handling him and the pram inside the bus was tough…At one instant he fell off the seat and hit his head on the floor…And there was a huge lump on his head….I was TERRIFIED….Luckily the swelling went off on its own within a couple of hours….I get reminded of that when I read this 🙂 And dunno if it makes any diff after all these years…’It was definitely not your fault and accidents happen’ 😀

  • Rachna

    Thanks Jaish! Haven’t all of us faced this? And thank y.ou so much for saying it

  • I can imagine,what you must have gone through Rachana. Most important in such situations is patience and maintaining calm at any cost rather than playing blame games. You are blessed indeed to have a supportive family. 🙂

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you Sharmila for your kind words.

  • Rachna, what a difficult situation you went through. Gosh!I don’t even want to imagine what it was like. Hugs; tight ones. That’s all I can say now.

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thanks a lot, Divya! Hugs back.

  • That really sounded scary. I can imagine how you must have felt. My nephew Siddharth is just a year old and we are naturally, very protective about him. Sometimes when he and my sister are home and something happens to him, like falling down, my father and mother get very upset. The same happens at her in-laws place. But I have noticed they don’t start a blame game. And I think that’s very important. I think it was commendable on your husband’s part that he didn’t try to make you feel guilty. People like that are truly rare. And finally, I am relieved (though the incident happened years ago) that your baby was unharmed. There’s a great message in this post – of checking our urge to be judgmental. I can’t say I enjoyed the post, it was painful, but you have described it so well. Kudos, Rachna. 🙂

    • Rachna Parmar

      Thank you, Destiny’s child! Ain’t I glad to my baby Siddharth escaped with no major injuries. Now, we even joke and tell him that the bump did him good and turned him into an intelligent, sensitive boy :). Kids fall so many times, but this was rather bad.