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Playground Moms

Parenting is the most criticized job that you could ever assume. Each one has different set of viewpoints. Every decision they make for their kid(s) will be based on this set of beliefs. Predictably experts have given distinctive names to these different styles of parenting. Do you subscribe to attachment parenting? Are you a tiger mom? Is being helicopter mom good for your kid’s self esteem? There is no end to these jargons.

Playground Moms

I am neither explaining those terms here nor criticizing any style of parenting. Instead, I present my list and analysis of types of mom based on my observation in playground.

1. Techie mom
Let me start with my type. This mom is always found with a laptop in the playground. She is busy compiling documents in her laptop, occasionally waving to her kid. She is accomplishing that balancing act of accompanying her kid and also completing her work. If she is not with her laptop, she is found tapping away furiously on her smart phone, usually researching ways to tackle the latest issue with her kid or searching a easy-to-make recipe for kiddo’s lunch box.

2. Social mom
This mom waits to hit the playground with her kid(s). She is usually found chatting with fellow moms, making arrangements for the next potluck party, planning the next kids day out to the park or arranging the next play date. She is found exchanging recipes or making new friends. She is fidgety if she finds herself alone in the playground. It is her kid who has to pull her out of the playground.

3. Helicopter mom
This mom’s single-point agenda is to shield her kid(s) from the hazards of this big bad world. She chases away any kid who ventures near her kid. Her hand is always behind her kid’s back ready to protect him from any injury. She doesn’t have time to pay attention to anything or anyone else in the playground. She enjoys being the protector of her kid.

4. Tiger mom
This mom wants the kid to perform well in the playground. She believes it is a shame to lose a game or a fight. She demands excellence in games, and follows strict schedules. She is a tough coach. She basically believes that playground time is an opportunity for achievement as opposed to just fun time.

5. Pied piper mom
She is the mom that every kid loves. She is the star of playground – laughing, cheering and hooting. She knows every playground trick. She doesn’t mind getting on that slide with her kid, getting into the sand to get messy or jumping into the pool to give her kid company. She becomes one among the kids and kids just love to spend time with her.

6. Perfect mom
She is the mom whose kids are well dressed, well behaved, always clean, never gets into any fight, and surpasses in studies. They always go to bed on time; wake up early and almost always eats well. Oh yeah, they only eat organic food.

Let me know if you have met any other type of mom. What type of mom are you?

Divya Rao is a mother to a 3.5 yr old bundle of joy. She has one eye set on growing her career and the other watching and enjoying her little one grow up.