• ROFLMAO … A big marketing guru you are!! You bash the belief for 2 pages and then you create a nazar battu badge and you sell it!! 🙂
    P.S. I will like your blog on facebook, not for getting a nazarbattu but for being a travel freak myself.

    • Hi Divya… not marketing.. you see majority of babies around you from the most well educated families will have Kala Tikka, or black Thread or a Tabeez around them. There mothers would be doing Nazar Utarna ( hard to do a translation) once they drink a glass of milk…. I guess I should start a company selling all these Totkas… 🙂 🙂 I will get rich or atleast become some kind of Baba 😉

  • I somewhat agree with you, I want my child to be a good human being to begin with and believe in one self and humanity, ain’t humanity in itself a religion we all must follow?

    Superstitions,ah, well! Just day before yesterday a cat crossed my path and I didn’t stop at that and bluntly kept on my way, to which the onlookers gave me a weird look thinking *how could she not wait for a while when the cat crossed her path* well, to be honest I’m safe and sound, nothing happened to me or anyone belonging to me 🙂

    However, I do believe in destiny that whatever has to happen, it sure does happen! SO!

    • Great…. I am glad somebody is letting the poor cat do its thing.. without getting worried.

  • Accepting life and staying in Chardi Kala (unflinching positivity) has been the biggest challenge of human mankind which leads to various superstitions. We always forget that we are mere actors in the drama of life and the karta-dharta/sutradhar is the supreme power. We strive to change the course to go our way and are willing to to any extent to get that done. Faith, Trust | Peace

    • Hi Parvinder… I all for spirituality and God, but I do not understand all these superstitious beliefs…

  • Roshni

    LOL!! I definitely love YOUR idea of getting Facebook fans by dangling this Nazar button in front of their eyes!! :)) I so completely agree with you that most of this is nonsense and I absolutely refuse to follow it! Even the typical vague threat of ‘do it, otherwise your kid will suffer’ does not sway me! I am a scientist and that is where my faith lies!!

    • Thanks Roshni… may your tribe increase… I mean of the scientific minded people..

  • Shaista

    Interesting article..well I m not superstitious n my upbringing was also like that but wen it comes to nazar I don’t mind nazar utarna although I don’t apply kala tikka nor do I believe in wearing ne ornaments for the same, being religious I simply recite some verses from kuransharif. After bcoming a mother I came across many more superstious belief one was during teething we were told getting upper teeth first is not gud on maternal parents n to my surprise our doctor friend suggested a totka for the same….really wonder what more to come…cat crossing the road is passe now new versions has arrived haha my hubby was superstitious typical bihari but I’ve made him understand on the cat part lol n keep on arguing on many more….. 🙂

    • I am glad that you are not superstitious… Touch wood ….. 😉 I hope you get it… thanks

      • Shaista

        Lol..ya Touchwood… 🙂

  • Whatay picture! Whatay post! nice. Some superstitions are feeble beliefs that are tethered to strong routines. Nothing else.

    Our children’s times will be very different! am sure! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Kavi… I actually hope people buy insurance for their kids rather than doing all this mumbo jumbo. (to the conspiracy theory types.. no I do not sell insurance 😉 )

  • A wonderful question! When you believe in all those negative stuff , involving other people, the fears might come true.

    If you do not believe and carry on life, leaving everything to almighty , life is much more comfortable.

    Most of the rituals are created for controlling purposes. Superstitions too fall in that category, to create phobia in the minds of younger generations.

    I am glad , young parents are thinking on practical lines to bring up children , in generous and sharing atmosphere. Lucky children.

    • Thanks Pattu Mam… I am so happy to learn that seniors like you are supporting rationalist approach.

  • I am one of those who do it for the sake of peace in the family when I’m around elders. But recently, with some issues likes this, I thought it was enough. And I took a step. Well, if the peace prevails is yet to see.

    • All the best Priyanka, at some stage we have to take a stand for things one believe in.

  • You echoed my thoughts 🙂 I have seen many people saying that ma-baap ki nazar sabse pehle lagti hai …how weird!! Means how can parents cast evil eye on their kids??
    All this is kind of vicious circle…the more you believe the more you feel it is coming true.