• Diana Natasha Pinto

    Parental discord is one of the greatest reasons kids end up with psychological problems in adulthood. Regular conflicts between parents can be stressful and can leave permanent scars. Gestures of love between the parents makes the child feel safe, secure and confident. Insightful post Rekha.

    • Rekha

      Absolutely true Diana! Our behavior impacts the kids in a lot of ways. Hence it is all the more important for us to be aware of how we react to certain situations.

  • Sid Balachandran

    It’s funny you should mention it Rekha; We do something very similar in our household too, in addition to not-going-to-bed-angry rule. Both my wife and I, do have our “difference-in-opinion” days, and at times, things do get out of hand. The little one, if he is privy to this “vocal battle” tends to curl his bottom lip, and starts to cry. Immediately the fight is forgotten and we hug, and it has to be the most amazing thing when the little one stops crying and joins us in the bear hug. Great post 🙂

    • Rekha

      That’s exactly the scenario in most houses. Imagine if the kids weren’t there, we would have actually ended up blowing up the little ones into big ones, even without remembering how and why it all started. 😀

  • kalpana solsi

    There is no couple in the world who do not have their share of ups and downs with little fights and arguments included. While parents as adults know that after 2-3 days things will be fine , the tender minds do not understand so or misunderstand.I would take the opportunity to cite an example : My neighbour told me that once they had an argument which resulted in a cold war , a longer one this time and the daughter asked her mom whether they will file for divorce as one of her classmate’s parents. I was shaken by this incident.

    • Rekha

      It happens. It has happened with us when we were kids and now I can clearly see the kids going through it. We don’t realize the effects, but for them it is nothing short of World War III.