• Just recently in garden I over heard to retired uncle jee’s talking

    Our son has just bought an SUV…., the other one talked about his son living in Cananda…

    So my guess is this comparison game is never ending and one should not bother about..as each one of the kids is unique like every body else….

    • wow! lol yes it never does end!

  • Poor kids, life has only started for them. Now milestones, later score-cards, classes, then esteemed colleges, jobs / salaries…phew! Let them shine in their own good time 🙂

  • Oh@ yes the report cards.. I never really thought about them till now.. my poor lill baby!

  • Comparisons just doesnt end !! This has become a way of socialising !!

  • Sweety

    Good Post, Sia.

    Its ok when people talk about these as “kuch to log kahenge” but i remember how irritated i used to feel when my MIL was also a part of that gang. She used to become so hyper & disturbed if my daughter did not reach a milestone at the allotted time. Phew, can we can change this 🙂

  • LOL Yes we shudnt be so with our grand children. That will be the change