• 🙂 That’s a lovely post, Anamika! I too quit a corporate career to focus on my family and never regretted it. Presence, not presents is a great motto to follow. I feel blessed as a parent and thankfully, no gadget overload at our place. 🙂 Thanks for a great read! Have a wonderful day. (I am still fantasizing about that parfait…mmm.)

    • Nidhi

      I second that ‘Presence not presents’ – lovely motto 🙂 Oh..and what parfait? Where? I need some too!

      • thank you Nidhi!
        Parfait is one of the easy mix fruit yogurt recipes that I have posted on our fav FB food group! Vidya has seen my parfait photo and is just being kind to me :)!

    • Thank you Vidya, you lucky not to have an overload of Gadgets at your place, I feel these gadgets are in a way now a days ruling our lives.
      Parfait is an easy to make breakfast option and thanks for liking that one :)!

  • Nice post Anamika.

    • Hey thank you Archana :)!

  • Hi Anamika… very well said… nothing can match the gift of time spent together talking and catching on little things.


    • Thank you so much and yes these little things make a huge difference in the lives of our loved ones :)!

  • suman

    Ni ce

  • kala

    hey anamika what a lovely post i totally agree with your views and very well written grt job and continue writing many more of such articles

    • Thank You Kala, I am glad you liked it :)!

  • janu

    Nice post Archana…my kids have grown up…helped them a lot when they were younger. Now, am being selfish and spending the much required time for myself. But, yes guilty as charged while it comes to getting involved with the digital world.
    In fact, am more closer to my kids now.

    • thank you Janaki :), glad you are more connected and closer to them now!

  • Yes connecting with the child and enjoying the connection ourselves to is the key. Not just spending time with them. Nice write up 🙂

    • Yes Sangeeta enjoying the connection ourselves is really the key to the relationship. Thank You 🙂

  • Fab

    I do that quite often and I hate it – being busy on my computer when the little one comes to me with some trivial (to me) issue. You are so right, kids can actually sense when we’re being really involved and when we’re just going through the motions for the sake of it, and the latter scenario can leave them feeling disappointed. Not much can make a child as fulfilled as a parent’s full attention. Lovely post!

    • Thank You! I fully agree with you FAB and you not alone most of us do the same. We need to be with THEM for THEM fully and as Sangeeta mentioned enjoy that connect ourselves too :)!

  • dr nidhi kumar

    osm article….sumthng v working women face in day to day life…..at back of my mind v all knw this bt stating them, reinforces the fact n helps us see our kids grow up……

    • thank you Nidhi and agree its really challenging for all women be it working or home makers, have now realised how tough it is to be a stay at home mum and do so many multiple things that go without notice to others!!!

  • geeta

    hi ! Anamika very well written. I completly agree with this…….we need to be with kids… not mere physical presence but presence with all mind n heart . looking forward to more writups frm u….. 🙂

    • Thank you Geeta, glad you liked it..Will surely try and share my experiances and learning here :)!

  • Very nice post! Because I work outside home, I give all my time at home to my kids while they are awake. It’s not a sacrifice on my part; I just feel the need to and I really enjoy their company! Even when they go swimming, all the other parents take out their smartphones, but I would rather watch them improving their stroke and grin at them if they happen to look my way!

    • Thank You Roshni and you got lucky kids to have such a sweet mom :)! Thats the best we as parents can do really!

  • Great post Anamika and I love this quote “In bringing up children, spend on them half as much money and twice as much time”. Hopefully I am able to follow this. 🙂

    • So true Swapna, thank you :)!

  • so well said, Anamika. After years of working in US shifts, I was glad when I moved to another job where I could work from home. The irony was brought home with a thud when daughter climbed on to my lap last week and tols me, “amma, please keep that laptop away for some time, let us talk”!

    • Oh wow touching to hear this from a child, we all sail in the same boat I guess, but gladly atleast we are in the process of realization :)!

  • Nice, thoughtful post. Time seems to be most expensive thing these days, right?

    • So true Meena, “time is money” holds true in todays time and this is surely affecting personal lives and relationships.

  • Rachna Parmar

    Totally with you on this one. I am also happy that I quit and became a hands-on mom. And now again I am back to active work but keep it strictly for the time when the kids are away. Our presence and attention is the biggest gift for our children, truly!

    • I fully agree with you Rachna, so did I and I am glad I could take such a call of leaving a full fledged career and stay home for kids! Whatever little I do now by choice I try and work that during morning times and thats it :)!

  • Shivani Sharma

    Dear Ms. Anamika,

    You are very right and i really am proud to say this that me and my husband gives full attention to our 3 and a half year old Jas… as we want to strong his base so that he may get success in every step of his life…even we plan everything according to him as we don’t want him to miss his school for small reason’s….this is really a very thoughtful post…..

  • First of all thank you for such a lovely post. Yes, that’s exactly what I do when I reach home. I talk to my four-year-old asking him about his day, what did he do in the school, checking his diary, playing with him, feeding him and making drawings (though I am not good at it) with him.

    Teaching him to play ludo and snakes and ladder and then playing with him was a rewarding experience nothing can beat. And the look on his face when I let him hands down. … precious!!!