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A big thank you to everyone! Thank You to all the contributors for their awesome posts and readers who have read and participated. We are very happy to share that we will soon be publishing our 100th post at Parentous in less than 2 months with your co-operation and this has been made possible by each one of you. Infact, the response was so overwhelming, we have stopped accepting contributors. We continue to learn with every post that goes live and we are sure that you are buzzing with ideas which you think will make this community even more better.

One of the things that we want to do at the moment is to categorise the posts and we need your suggestions. It’ll be great if everyone could post their suggestion of categories (not more than 10) in the comments below. We would then finalise the ones that are requested the most (and appropriate) and then file the posts in the categories accordingly.

We would love to hear feedback/suggestions from you about Parentous and how we can make it even more awesome. Kindly use the contact us form to send in your views. Thank You. 🙂

  • Fab

    Wow, that is a great milestone!!! Hearty Congratulations to the Parentous Team!! My suggestions for categories would be: Childcare – sub categories for Discipline, Physical and Emotional care; Humor; Reviews; Self care for Parents – sub categories for health, relationships and finances; Memories; Crafts and Recipes!! Also, a forum where we could post and resolve little niggling parenting issues would be great!!

  • With so many posts, its great if we can come up with categories. Makes a user browse easily in parentous.
    Few of the categories that I can think of: Dilemmas, fears, discipline, letters, dad, tips and tricks, food/recipe, health.

  • Congratulations on the soon to be published 100th post! Happy to be a part of Parentous.

    Category suggestions:

    Health and well-being
    Cooking for kids
    Parenting problems
    Book/product recommendations and reviews
    Positive Discipline
    Work at home Moms/Dads
    Single Parenting

    Cheers! Vidya

  • I would love to see ‘Fun Moments’

  • My favourite category at present would be “Teens”. There are so many issues related to this phase!!!

    Health, Career choices, Time management would be great sub-categories !!!

  • I would love to see posts sorted by contributers too..I am already a big fan of few 🙂

  • Have sent in the categories. Hope they have reached you?

    Best Wishes to Parentous and BlogAdda…


  • Lovely… Parentous is exploding and expanding…
    The categories would make it easy and explorable.
    Categories could be:
    Funny Bone
    Lovely Moments
    Special Bonds
    Growing Up
    Quick Bytes
    Value Education/ Lessons of Life

  • Here are some suggestions:
    Discipline/Behavior Challenges
    Nourishing yourself as a parent
    Coping with Stress
    Activities for family fun

  • chattywren

    Learning from kids
    Lullabies/songs for kids, would be interesting w.r.t. cultural diversity
    A forum for parents to interact like Fab has mentioned would be good too.
    Another suggestion is to have easier navigation to older posts with forward and back arrows – couldn’t find them here:(
    Will come to you back if I can think of any more.

  • My category suggestions are:
    Behavioural Issues
    Social issues
    Working moms
    Psychological issues
    Positive Parenting
    Dealing with Grief
    Single Parenting


  • Nidhi

    1. Health & Nutrition – both physical and mental health
    2. Growing pains (or challenges)
    3. The learning curve ( education, learning, challenges therein)
    4. Parenting highs and lows (The effect of kids on parents as people)
    5. Anecdotes (Funny, Sad, Thoughtful)

  • Health & Nutrition
    Fun & Play
    School & Learning
    Relationships & Social Skills
    Emotional Well-Being
    Inculcating Life Skills
    Countering Gender Stereotypes
    Parenting Styles
    Pregnancy & Childbirth
    Bringing Up Baby (Breastfeeding, Weaning, Teething, Postnatal Depression – the first couple of years)

  • Perhaps, something along the following:

    Single parenting

  • Congrats on such a successful start and the momentum to keep going! Some category suggestions:
    rainy days (creative parenting, things to do)