• Nice one Rituparna. Being a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys and NO helper I try and rope in my boys for housework too! So they help me putting the clothes to dry, leaving the dishes in the sink, starting the wash load in the washing clothes in the machine and whatever little help they can offer. I am sure you will make a fine man out of V too!

  • Oh yes Mehroo! For starters we’ve discovered is that V is an enthusiastic courier. He loves carrying things for us from one person to another! Yes, he insists on washing his clothes while bathing and helps out with the laundry. What you are doing with your boys is perfect!! 🙂

  • not being at all gender biased, i secretly wish for a baby boy… so that i can myself take baby steps to change what all i witness in my family and around me… make him responsible for his deeds and to treat each and everyone with equality..

    nice post ritu:)

  • Even i came across a similar kind of BBM msg and found it so weird. My cousin’s MIL frowned a lot when I bought similar rag dolls for her son and my daughter. That lady even told me whether I forgot that they have a son and not a daughter!!!
    Another instance when my 2 yr old daughter bullied another boy of same age in our neighborhood, that kid started crying and her mom who was chatting with me tried to soothe him saying that’ Are you a girl, why are you crying like one’!!!!
    Gender stereotyping is drilled too early in our society.

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