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My Dear Cutie-Pie

What Qualities do you expect in a guy whom you will hand over your lovely, delicate angel to?

Little One, I want to tell you about the boy who doesn’t need to be kept interested, because he knows you are interesting…”

Very touching lines by a father who wants to tell his daughter about her future husband.

A MUST READ for all parents, by Kelly N. Falagan.

A Daddy’s Letter To His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)

This post is, of course, dedicated to my daughter, my Cutie-Pie. But I also want to dedicate it beyond her.

I wrote it for the generation of boys-becoming-men who need to be reminded of what is really important—my little girl finding a loving, lifelong companion is dependent upon at least one of you figuring this out. I’m praying for you.

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