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Memories & Special Bonds

From Me To You

You are crafted, be a work of art
You are blessed, be a living prayer
You are cherished, be a loving memory
You are chosen, be a visible sign
You are loved, be a lingering promise
You are precious, be safe always

From Me to You

You need me, I’ll be there
Talk to me, I’ll listen
Come to me, I’ll wait
Laugh with me, I’ll share
Cry to me, I’ll bear
Dream beyond, I’ll set you free

Sometimes you won’t get this
Sometimes I won’t get you
But you will always remain
Embedded in my heart

And someday when you become
A proud parent just like me
Perhaps then you will understand
Why? What? Where? When? Who?

Because being a parent means
I care enough to go the mile
Even if it seems all wrong
I promise to make it right

Vinita Bahl Crasto is a mother to a divalicious 10 year old. A freelance writer, she loves to be referred to as the Domestic Goddess. Read her at