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Our younger one is one inquisitive kid. We try to answer most of her questions but some of the questions are just jaw dropping.

Questions Interpretations And More Questions - Inquisitive Children

While we may think of some answer later on, at that point when the bombs are thrown in our direction we have no answer and at times her logic is so different but still technically correct that we don’t know how to react. The other challenge being once we answer a question it leads to another one and the chain reaction continues. Some time she will question and answer also without waiting for our response.

Here is a sample of some of them, you can fill the answers with yes, no or a jaw dropped as per your own logic.

If I eat salad I will grow big?

Bigger than you?

You eat so much why are you not growing anymore?

Why can’t I drive a car?

When I grow can I drive the car?

But if I grow very big how will I fit in the car to drive it?

Why do you have to go for meeting when I am at home?

Can’t you go for your meetings when I am in school?

Papa I am beautiful na?

Beautiful than Didi and Mamma?

Beautiful than Dadee?

You love me more or Didi ?

Why I am not in photo albums with Didi? Can I get a photo album of my own without Didi in it?

Why we don’t live with Dadee? So Bua is your sister? That means Dadee is her mom also? So why she also does not live with Dadee? Only Chachoo lives with Dadee and Dadajee.

Is Dadee is your step mom that’s why you and Bua don’t live with her (all these kids story books have a step mom)?

Ok so when you get married you don’t live with your mother? Then who cooks your food?

Oh! I will toh never marry so that I can stay with you. But we will marry Didi so that she can go away and she has to cook her own food. She toh can’t make anything, so funny na?

What are the questions your kids zap you with?

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