• Roshni

    It is tough and unfortunately there are no easy answers. We have to accept that different parents bring up their kids with different values and we can in now way control that! We can only instill our own values and culture on our kids and leave it at that!
    It’s a great topic to bring up though, Vibha! I wonder what other bloggers have to say about this!

  • chattywren

    Thank you Roshni! I think on the same lines – how much our kids will be influenced by other children will depend on a lot of factors. And upbringing can influence it positively in a lot of ways too. Same here, I’d like to know the experience of parents, especially those with grown-up children.

  • Other people’s children have a lot to teach us, and a lot to forewarn us! Sigh! Parenting is never an easy task!

    • chattywren

      You are right about that, TGND, it’s not easy and one is prone to keep second-guessing oneself at times.