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Teaching Children About Spiritual Truth

“Mommy I am scared of the dark”  

“I cannot sleep, there are monsters under my bed?”


The above statements are so common amongst moms whose children are growing up and transitioning between home and school. The few hours they spend outside, they mingle with children their age and chances are that their minds get filled up with all sorts of ideas, beliefs and opinions, and it makes them a little uneasy when they are tucked in their beds for the night.

After several amusing stories, when things did not pacify. I introduced the word GOD to my kid.


“What is GOD (Bhagwanjee)?” Came a curious question.

“It is the supreme power that governs us and takes care of us.” I replied patiently.

“How does it take care of us?” came a meek query.

“Whenever you are scared or afraid of something, just think of Him and He will look after you and guide you.” I answered gently.

Now I do not mean to turn this into a moral story for kids, but making a child believe in a force that is supreme helps him channel his fears while keeping him grounded.

Some would argue that you are ruining his childhood by removing a translucent film over his innocent face and making him understand about hope, truth and love, which are very in-depth words for a kindergartener, but I would argue that it helps him stand out in the crowd.

Making a child recognize this supreme power is not only important for his development, but also keeps him prepared for the worst scenario (which, unfortunately, happens a lot around in our society). It also helps in answering some basic questions about the existence of the universe, plants, animals, and humans.

Sure, there is science behind these questions, but for a 5 year old that is still clueless of his existence and the hurdles that lie ahead of him; it is a good practice to make him realize things around him in an amiable and caring way.

The act of talking to the supreme power

The child can be taught to talk to God in any way the family likes. He can be introduced to learning to kneel, to bow his head or fold his hand out of respect when in a conversation with the Almighty. The fact that the kid can talk to Him anytime, anywhere and anyways he likes, makes him comfortable in any setting, and this leads the child to be honest to talk anything that’s on his mind.

Researchers have indicated that since children are falling and getting bruised every inch of the way since they are learning to adapt, acclimate, and conform the new changes within and outside; they need to be given a block of faith that they can lean upon tomorrow as they continue to fight, forgive and play again. The pillar of faith will help them keep things real as they continue to trudge along the realities of life.

My 2 cents

To have knowledge of something metaphysical will help the child appreciate, acknowledge, and recognize the worth of his existence, eventually as he realizes his potential by his mindful living.

Ruchira Khanna is the author of Choices published on Amazon. She blogs at